The Debate on Darwins Theory of Evolution

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"The Debate on Darwins Theory of Evolution"
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When people engage each other on this subject, the tug-o-war slides both ways as the creationist tries to pull the evolutionist into the light of God (thereby doing something to save his adversary's immortal soul) while the evolutionist tries to pull the creationist into the light of what he sees as scientific reality (thereby doing something to save his adversary's religion-blinded mind). The real argument is over the existence of Creator God and His plan.

I imagine God watches all this and has a good laugh because, as the Holy Bible says, as high as the heavens are above the earth, so His thoughts are above ours. So, the reality is that we will never know the facts of our origin with absolute certainty until He tells us what they are.

But He blesses us with curious, hungry, imaginative and perceptive minds and adventurous spirits. Why, if we are never going to discover everything there is to know about ourselves? The answer is: so that we can WONDER about Him, seek Him and never stop seeking Him. Our problems with arriving nearer the REAL TRUTH of our origins and a better understanding of God derive from our choosing to argue instead of rationally blending the "truths" we have.

Biblical truth and Darwinian theoretical "truths" are not mutually exclusionary. Admittedly, one needs to come to grips with a reasonable perspective on time. The Bible itself speaks to the fact that thousands of years (or millions or billions [the God-inspired scripture writers still needed to use terms that the brethren could get their minds around])are as a day to God. While I think it ill-advised for any of my fellow writers here to speak of Darwin's theory as proven fact, at the same time, I caution my more spiritual brethren against totally discounting the theory of evolution and viewing it as somehow anti-God.

Darwinian thinking of itself is NOT Satanic, nor was old Charles himself. God, in His infinite wisdom and according to His plan, allowed Darwin (and many thinkers after him)to discover and ponder much and to postulate so that we might get closer to His TRUTH.

God DID create the heavens and the Earth. He made the sun to shine during the day and the moon to shine at night. He separated the sea from the land and the air. He took the elements of the earth and created life. He populated His Earth with the beginnings of all life and allowed living things to grow and propogate as He wanted them to. And He KNEW, always KNEW, the courses and forms His living things would take and the time that each would have to live on the Earth. And God loved how life beautified the Earth and the diversity of it as it evolved.....as He knew it would.
And before He was done, God created us in His image.

Now, I believe that He created us from the elements of the Earth just as the Scriptures say. Does it matter much if He made us in a form similar to others of His beloved creation? Being made in His image doesn't mean we look like God! We look like Earth and things of the Earth! That is where we come from! We are made in His image because He gave us our minds, our emotions and our spirits so that we, only we, could have fellowship with Him.

It's our spirits that the purist evolutionists will never be able to explain in scientific terms.

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