The Criminal Justice System needs to be Revamped

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"The Criminal Justice System needs to be Revamped"
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Prison overcrowding has become the sin of leaders and law makers who have taken it upon themselves to play God. When politicians worked hand-in-hand with the top dogs of business, the corruptions that played out led to a wave of manipulation, to put fear in the hearts of the citizens. Citizens were brainwashed into believing that crime was out of control, and needed to have officials get tough on crime.

Taxpayers went along with this plan without knowing what the underhanded plans were about. Taxpayers were instigated into rage like a mob at a hanging. Politicians convinced tax payers that more prisons needed to be built. Billions of tax dollars went into building new prisons all across the country. While this was being done, the plot thickened. Politicians were filling the minds of taxpayers with ideas that Welfare was draining the country, and needed to be dismantled.

Politicians had their own agendas in mind. Cut off welfare from the poor, and create criminals to fill all the new prisons. They knew that this would happen. They knew that in time desperate people would do desperate things to survive. This would give them reason to call them criminals and lock them up. Taxpayers were sucked into the plan like blind bats in a wind tunnel. Not only did violent crime increase, but laws were created to guarantee that the prisons would get filled up and generate profits for the people working in the Justice System.

Prison became the biggest profit making industry in this country. Wardens were making muli-million dollar salaries, and politicians were raking their cuts of the profits. The poor were filling the prisons like Jews filling the concentration camps. Everything was going to plan and the deceivers were laughing all the way to the bank. The three strikes laws committed people to prison for life, for committing non-violent and petty crimes. The poor became desperate and committed desperate crimes like selling drugs, prostituting, and writing bad checks to survive. Homelessness exploded out of control.

The police and prosecutors began to arrest the poor for non-crimes, and falsifying and exaggerating police reports. Police were taught how to write "creative" reports full of lies that looked good. The police reports were then and are now taken as "Fact," and nothing else counts in the courts. There are literally THOUSANDS of Wrongly Convicted people doing years and Life, for crimes they never committed.

True justice and a solution would be to free all these wrongly convicted persons. It is a known fact that prosecutors withhold evidence that could find a person innocent, so they can win a conviction. Many killers are on the loose because prosecutors have put innocent people in prison for the crimes the real criminals had committed. True justice would be to have HONEST lawyers organize and prosecute the corrupt ones who deliberately ruined the lives of many people who never deserved what they got.

True justice would be to stop sentencing non-violent criminals to dozens of years in prison. Most of all the best solution would be to stop marking all the ex-cons with a life time felony conviction, leaving it to hang over their heads after serving their time. A felony only denies an ex-con any chance to get a job and get his or life back together again. They have paid their dues, and their crime should be "PAID IN FULL."

The police need to concentrate on catching the REAL criminals, and stop wasting time filling up the jails with those who simply jaywalk or trespass across an empty lot. We need to stop wasting money and lives by locking up people for any made-up crime the police decide to invent. Prison overcrowding was created for the purpose of greedy politicians and law officials; to allow them to become wealthy. The truth needs to be exposed, and the entire corrupt justice system needs to be revamped .

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