The Connection between Ufos and Tragedy

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"The Connection between Ufos and Tragedy"
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After decades of research and many thousands of cases, long time UFO investigators have noticed a connection between some UFO sightings and tragedies or catastrophes.

Those who have seen UFOs often have mixed emotions: awe, fear, amazement, puzzlement, and lingering doubts about what is the actual nature of reality.

UFOs and war

UFos and tragedies are really nothing new. Records exist of UFOs appearing in ancient times during the battles of Alexander the Great and over the skies of early Europe as the Roman legions marched. The Romans recorded them in their records as flying shields.

Centuries later, UFOs were seen in the midst of bombing runs and dogfights by pilots and crews over Germany.  Although some researchers claim the so-called "Foo fighters" as being part of the Nazi military's secret aerial weapons, records exist that Luftwaffe pilots also saw them and reported them to superiors.

UFOs continued to show up in warfare. They appeared, were tracked and reported by pilots on both sides of the Korean War, Vietnam, the Iraqi-Kuwait operation Desert Storm, and most recently over some of the Middle Eastern countries during the ongoing uprisings.

UFOs and natural disasters

Reams of reports exist about the sightings of UFOs before, during, and after natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

Although UFO reports occurred during the March 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, many more were observed during the gigantic killer quake that hit Japan in 1923. That quake killed an estimated 250,000 people. News reports at the time mentioned the many bizarre glowing orbs seen over the night skies of the regions later devastated by the earthquake. More were spotted in the aftermath, some flying in formations.

A compilation of recorded sightings is available: "UFO's in Japan: Seen before earthquake and during tsunami—compilation." This is video evidence of a huge upsurge of UFO sightings during the weeks immediately preceding the Japanese 9.0 magnitude quake and also visible during the tsunami that followed.

According to the respected Turkish UFO researcher Haktan Akdogan, intense UFO activity occurred over Turkey just before the 1999 earthquake that killed more than 30,000 people and left a wide swath of destruction.

2004: UFO incidents reported across southern Asia mere days before the December 2004 Sumatra tsunami that killed 250,000.

A huge outbreak of UFOs happened over Peru. Mystery craft and lights were reported across the country. The Peruvian Air Force was placed on alert and fighter pilots notified, but none ever actually gave chase. In Lima, tens of thousands stood on the city streets and watched hundreds of UFOs darting and maneuvering in the night sky.

The very next day, August 15, 2007, a massive earthquake struck Peru and caused substantial damage.

Even England is not immune. The famous Lincolnshire quake of February 29, 2008 occurred after numerous reports of UFOs and "earthquake lights"—an unsubstantiated natural phenomenon thought to be piezoelectric displays generated by stressed fault lines. 

During April 2009 a devastating earthquake shook Italy. That same night a large triangular UFO was witnessed by thousands as it flew and hovered over Rome. Earlier, on April 5th, a daylight UFO was spotted over Milan and reported by many.   

Most UFOs associated with earthquakes are not natural phenomenon, however, but tangible, physical objects that maneuver, sometimes fly in formations, and are often triangular or disc-shaped craft that appear to observers to be under some sort of guidance or control.

UFOs and volcanic eruptions

Volcanic eruptions and their resulting catastrophes, deaths and destruction are also paid visits by UFOs. Reports of mysteries craft or lights have been reported by witnesses to volcanic eruptions over the centuries. Iceland's volcanic eruption occurred with reports of UFOs seen and so did the eruption of Mexico's Popocatepetl (The Sleeping Lady).

Sometimes photographers have snapped photos of one or more craft—often dark gray and disc-shaped or spherical—that incredibly hover around the caldera of a volcano while its erupting.

This video is interesting: "UFO's over Iceland erupting volcano—2010."

These photos, especially the second one, taken of Popocatepetl is frankly amazing. "UFOs photographed over erupting Mexico volcano!"

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