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The Coldest Place on Earth

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"The Coldest Place on Earth"
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Due to its extreme elevation, there is no colder place on earth than Antarctica. Antarctica is as high as you can go and as cold as you can get. No one has claimed Antarctica and for centuries, scientists from around the world have visited it to do research, staying sometimes as long as six months at a time.

There's no sun for six months at the South Pole so any scientists studying at Antarctica, make sure they're out of there before winter sets in. The United States has tried to claim it along with a few other countries due to the recent possibility that it could be rich with oil.

Jesus Christ created that frigid environment (Col. 1:16) which does serve a purpose. The white ice, for instance, reflects the rays of the sun, which helps cool the planet. However, it is so desolate and harsh that it is near impossible to live there. Very few scientists have attempted to stay there for more than six months.

The icy temperatures and howling winds make Antarctica a hostile environment, unfit for man or beast. And the inhospitable climate is even more hostile during the winter months. Even if you have generators for light and heat, if they malfunction, you're in a cold world of trouble.

Due to the impassable waters that had to be traversed to even get to Antarctica, along with the inhospitable climate around the South Pole, scientists couldn't even get to Antarctica to study it, let alone attempts to live there. But with the new developments of more powerful ships and generators for climate control and modern communication, much research is being done in Antarctica.

The ice of Antarctica has been there for a very long time, even though there's very little rainfall. Antarctica rainfall amounts fall into the same category as that of a desert. However, the ice is certainly there and Antarctica is the coldest place on earth for sure.

It may not be an ideal vacation spot for the typical vacationer, but for the average scientist, Antarctica represents relatively virgin territory and many a scientist is planning a trip to Antarctica to explore its hidden secrets. Scientists who have been to this barren world have already discovered some fascinating life forms.

With the amount of scientists that are making the trek through the dangerous waters to get to Antarctica, it wouldn't be surprising to see a Wal-mart and McDonald's erected there in the coming years.

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