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The Cheating Tips

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"The Cheating Tips"
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Tips for cheating in the class work is an other intelligence

(bad english im german sry)

some people who practiced the whole week and then write a work start to be nervous and sweating. This is called a blackout.we are show you how to successfully cheat and the art of cheatings learned. the brain has a low absorption capacity. the balance is talk of a proactive inhibition. as subject matter may also be forgotten. This process is called retroactive inhibition. by using a crib you avoid this unnecessary ballast. through cheating you win more spare time in which you prepare for the upcoming exam.

1.1 The first is the classic crib. in the technique is labeled the subject matter on a small papier. the crib hidden in the trouser pocket, the sleef, for girls the coat or the pencil case.

1.2 cheat an eccentric technique is a crib hidden in a sport bag. perfect positioned makes it convenient off without the conspicuous change your posture. as with any technique must always chosen the right seat. are the best seats across the back or beside the window. to a good preparation includes the crib to compose that the crib before the operation is ready. if you don `t have a good seat there is another cribmethod.

1.3 the ruler. you write with a pencil lead to a wood pencil the subject matter. if you dont have a wooden ruler, cut a crib cope and stick it on the back from the ruler. you excited to crib no attention, no matter where the teachers.

1.4 a further technique is the beermat. inscribe the beermat with a cut righly crib. then you stichst with a pin in the corner of the beermat. then affix the beermat to the bottom of the the school desk. the process is opened, read and close. remarkable is the low varifocal brackle alpha, which prevents the head to move and to remain inconspicuous. it goes without saying that the beermat only with a wooden table connect.

2.0 the next technique is the uncovert cheating. This notion will indicate that the cribs by their conspicuousness overlooked.

2.1 a good technique is the schoolposter. it depends a crib in a school posters look at the wall, where other posters are hanging. by this technique allows it to other pupils to copy the subject matter on their exam and also makes it impossible for the teachers blame on the guilty to pupils. and never hang the crib poster on a blank wall.

2.2 a particularly costly method is the bottle. thanks to the technical progress we owe it that it now possible to transform a bottle etiquette in a crib. you write the subject matter in the ingredients and print the etiquette. then you cut the etiquestte and adhere it to the bottle

As always, you have to make sure that the teachers do not look. a teacher that just sit tired on the teachers desk and look of the hours end, there is no danger. for attentive teachers you need a abstraction

as a summary attends these things
-choice of the right seat (sport bag)
-adjustment to the table (beermat)
-adjustment to the klassenzimmer (poster)
-alertness (teacher)

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