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The causes of Global Climate Change

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"The causes of Global Climate Change"
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Airborne Chemical Pollutants Are Overlooked As Causes Of Global Climate Change

Everyone and his brother now seem to think they know global climate change is caused by too much carbon. But are we missing the bigger picture? While we fight the good fight against overuse of petroleum based products, are we completely ignoring a myriad of toxic chemicals and radiation as additional factors in the equation?

76% of the EPA Superfund sites are not polluted with carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide or anything derived from the burning of fossil fuels. They are in fact filled with a known carcinogen manufactured by DOW Chemical is known as Trichloroethylene or TCE.

This toxic, poisonous degreasing solvent pollutes our water, making it undrinkable. Then it degrades into other dangerous chemicals such as DCE and even Vinyl Chloride. During this whole scenario, it rises up as vapor intrusion into buildings. And what is more, a vast majority of TCE is released by polluters directly into the air. The TCE goes airborne and travels on the wind contaminating every town it passes along the way.

TCE is associated with a variety of deadly illnesses and diseases, but we don't have to stop with TCE. What about radiation? Check the health department report for any city containing a nuclear reactor or even any city downwind of one and you will find Thyroid cancer off the charts; that thanks to, "clean and safe nuclear energy." The stacks seem so harmless as the white smoke billows into the sky. It isn't black so nobody pays it much attention.

And that is the point of this article; we need to look at the effect of numerous types of emissions into our atmosphere as a synergistic impact on the earth, the same way we need to view these things as the toxic cocktail they are for human beings. Global Climate Change needs to be re-investigated. That is the real "Inconvenient Truth."

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