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The Case for Respecting the Earth

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"The Case for Respecting the Earth"
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Protecting the Planet from Our Big Foot

According to one news source, "Recently, a Canadian member of parliament from Edmonton, Alberta, agreed to introduce a petition that called for Bigfoot to be protected under the Canadian version of the endangered species act." Further, "The man behind the petition was a Bigfoot enthusiast who claims to have definitive proof of Bigfoot but is withholding it until protection for the alleged animals is in place" (Radford).

Now, let's think about this for a moment. Remember, our own species has been involved in the process of driving others into complete extinction for quite sometime. In fact, this author believes we are incredibly good at it, and we are usually a significant part of the problem. Additionally, when one takes a moment to analyze the facts, at our current rate of encroachment, there will be very little left for future generations to appreciate. We are beginning to take a serious toll on this planet. Take whatever political stance you wish on this, of course, but there is no denying it. Our world is in a bit of environmental trouble at the moment.

So, again, back to Bigfoot. Surely, there are other creatures far more deserving.

For example, although protected, take a closer look at the bonobo...

"At its present rate of decline, the bonobo will be extinct in the wild in a decade" (Park 158).

And the mountain gorilla...

"The rare mountain gorilla (made famous by the book and film Gorillas in the Mist) is thought to be down to fewer than 650 individuals" (Park 158).

Or, if this isn't too far out on a limb, yourself...

"Since Malthus's time, the human population has increased nearly six fold. Given the war, famine, and environmental degradation we see around us, we have every reason to believe Malthus was right and that with our current annual growth rate of 1.2 percent, we will eventually run out of something-food, water, land, clean air, [and] patience with one another" (Park 380).

Point being - if there is still hope - the last thing we should be considering is protecting an endangered animal that, most likely, does not exist. There are real animals out there, with very real problems, and the mythos that is Bigfoot just isn't one of them. Yes, this is a very real problem, folks. If we give a damn about this planet, or our own future upon it, it is about time we realize it. Perhaps, it is about time we put all this Bigfoot business aside for a bit, don't you think? Let's just hope we don't stretch our imaginations too far out of focus before we find a solution.

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