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The Case for Respecting the Earth

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"The Case for Respecting the Earth"
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Earth is one of the most talked about subjects to date. The effects that we have on earth is amazing and the way we treat earth is going to be the downfall of us all.
There are so many factors in respecting earth and there needs to be action taken to protect "mother earth" and all she has to offer us.
I have been watching the stories on the polar ice caps allot lately and thinking about the way this is going to effect us all.
One movie that I have watched called "what the bleep.. down the rabbit hole" had a man talk about the water and how the feelings that we feel every day makes a difference in the way a water will freeze into a crystal.
The water that has been focused on and thanked and shown love has the most beautiful crystals as compared to the water that was just simply taken and frozen with no thoughts or feelings towards it at all.
Think about how you feel after someone thanks you for a simple task that you have done to make their lives better in general, maybe you have done the dishes after a meal for your mother or just gone to the store for a friend, that kind of grateful thanks that comes from them afterward makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. If that can happen to you and your body , how do you think it makes the actually water flow through your body, considering we are all made of 90% water.
The scientist on what the bleep had said that when the water is thanked and they see the difference in the crystals .. he believed that water was at peace. If we all thanked the water in the oceans for being our rain and love the water for letting us use it .. the world would be more at peace.
What about the rest of the world though? Whats going to happen when the Alberta Tar Sands start to be refined and there isn't enough for the world?. Given the Tar sands are the size of Florida, there still wont be enough for everyone. If the untied States think they should have it all to divide equally, how is that going to benefit Canada at all?
Canada needs to take that oil and do it the clean way like Norway has and benefited from.
This is just an opinion of mine, but the tar sands will only have enough to supply the USA for a hundred years. After thats is gone , what will we all do without oil?
Trees, thats what .. back to the basics for our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Wind power and water mills, sunlight and static. Why not use them all now?.. Most countries have already banned plastic bags in grocery stores. Is Canada and the USA going to be the end of us all? Or are we going to learn from all of this and start using what we have left of our polluted brains?
I would love to see some changes being made and if anyone is with me on this let me know!
There are things that can be changed for the better and we just need to put our thoughts and love together and use it to our benefit. To keep our children healthy in the near future and see our grandchildren get what they deserve from earth and all her beauty.
If we can all focus a bit more on the real things in life that will keep us all happy like the use of water every day and the sun shinning upon us from space .. things can be different.
Earth is the one thing that we all have in common. It's here for use to live and to learn from. Respect to our mother earth is needed in order to live a good life.

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