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The Case for Respecting the Earth

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"The Case for Respecting the Earth"
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When I first heard about the whole going green movement, I thought it was just a bunch of baloney. I kept on thinking it was all about reusing shoes for playgrounds, and taking all your vegetable waste and turning into energy for your car. Good ideas sure, but at what cost to the rest of the economy, and was it really something viable that could take hold across the country? Well, after seeing my employer go green, and how you can do so much to help out just by making little changes, I can see why it would be a good thing to start going green.

While I don't see the majority of us going and getting solar panels for our roofs, and driving electric powered cars anytime soon, there are plenty of little things that we can do to help save resources. For example, you can get just about anything on-line these days, from your newspaper, to your purchase histories, to even your pay stubs at some companies. Imagine how much paper you save just by using your computer to read, or to view records.

Humanity has taken a pretty big toll on the environment, and if we don't start making even small changes now, we might not have a planet left to live on. While I don't necessarily think the problem is as dire as some make it out to be, we really should be doing our part to reduce the carbon footprint we leave on the Earth.

When we buy a car, we should get the best gas mileage that we possibly can. I have no problem with someone who might drive an SUV, but I have problems with those who blatantly take pride in the fact that they drive a huge car, when we all know size isn't as important as efficiency. Instead of buying bottles that we will just throw into a landfill, we should either use paper cups which can be recycled, or buy a personal container that you can re-use as many times as you want.

I think that we really need to take stock of the Earth, and realize that it is the only planet that we have right now. We could one day be forced to move if we keep messing with the Earth as we have now. We will never destroy the Earth, but we will destroy the part that gives us the ability to live if we keep going. If we don't stop carbon emissions, or if we don't take steps to keep our waste in check, we could do a lot of harm to the planet.

We need to start respecting our environment. While humanity will never destroy the Earth, we need to make sure that we are doing our part to leave the planet how we found it. We cannot keep driving SUV's, we cannot keep throwing away items that will take forever to degrade in a landfill, and we can't keep acting like we own the planet. If we keep going how we are, we will be the ones who are out of luck, not the planet. It is up to us to make sure that we keep it viable for life.

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