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The Case for Addressing Medical Errors more seriously a Mental System Called Disgrace

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"The Case for Addressing Medical Errors more seriously a Mental System Called Disgrace"
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Too many are disgracefully dying for the want of addressing medical errors more seriously.

It seems the only ones entitled to make judgment comes too late, when the damage has been done. Or if official documentation dictates incorrectly from the start, any plea for help for the victims which falls on deaf ears.

In America, the psychotic drug, Zyprexia, is banned. There is Legal Help for U.S.A. sufferers, and 'Warnings' of this drug have a new Link.

The warnings go on to say how, 'when mixed with other drugs herein lies the danger'.

The maker, Eli Lilly was sued US$1.4 Billion for Zyprexia. Moving to New Zealand, the same drug is not banned in all lands. Eli Lilly's tracks have since been covered very well on the Net with new Links. Today it is even being used for children with ADD or ADHD! And for the very a illness it can and does cause with wrong treatment.

This is just one case for addressing medical errors more seriously, with no end in sight. Of a great sole Dad becoming a victim within an involuntary vicious Mental System. When silencing his 6 month old pet dog at mid-night - due to laws of one barking - neighbors with a grudge reported him 'disturbing the peace.'

Survival had already molded this Dad when his own had died without warning when he was a kid of 10. Yet he never left his 2 children's Mum's side, thinking only of the babe she was due to birth, as a result of an affair with a married man who had fled. She only had adoption in mind from the start for this baby girl. So arrangements to foster the little one legally from birth, was this Dad's heart, to have all three children in his care for Love's sake.

From their births, he never failed with baby bottle formulas to nappies. Healthy baby home-made meals were prepared, clothes washed and ironed and ready for every day, and the floors clean enough to eat off. Mum had not been very responsible.

Now with 3 young children, he suffered Physical and Nervous Exhaustion on the night he silenced his dog. Results were, he was dumped into a police van after being bludgeoned for resisting, requiring 18 stitches to his head, and delivered to a Psychiatric Ward. Then for the first 48 hours, placed into 'lock-up' drugged out of his scull, by them.

The very doctors told his own mother face to face, that, “Yes the drugs could create side-effects of Parkinson's Disease and Schizophrenia.” Yet when it came to gaining a report, it was all denied in huge black-outs. An immense file, with 80% of it's pages 2/3rds. blackened, and unreadable!

Force fed Zyprexia + an anti-dote for that, + Prozac daily, no-one would listen to pleas. Parkinson's Disease and Schizophrenia did result after being kept on Psychotic drugs too long. No amount of imploring was heard. These were non existent before forced medication, plus no mental illness, nor the other two caused by wrong treatment, run in the family history.

Holding all the sanity of his knowledge of the truth made no difference to how a 36 y.o. Dad's Life and Rights, can be changed so drastically. When force fed Zyprexia + an anti-dote for that + Prozac still daily even though he is now at home - by a team which visit him according to the clock - no-one will yet listen; and the damage goes on.

Suffering the very extra effects created by wrongful psychotic drugs, and continually blamed for everything the same drugs have produced, this one is for all unsung sole parents.

Heroes whom no-body hears about, and who deserve a medal for taking on full responsibility for their children. Too many who suffer unjustly at the hands of medical errors, who need a voice to speak, when they are silenced.

Their spirits alone hold onto the shell of a body they become, due to the prolonged damages created.

These parents deserve to be heard by Human Rights. Addressing medical errors more earnestly, is not taken seriously enough. While too many innocent, still fight Mental Systems called Disgrace.

Humans are as individual as their fingerprints, and not all fall into a category called One Size Fits All. Some just need a rest, before being judged, and there would be no medical error complaints when it comes to treatment and medications.

Are we, the parents or adults of any children - regardless of their age - so gullible, to remain silently ignorant ?

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