The Building of the Egyptian Pyramids

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"The Building of the Egyptian Pyramids"
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The pyramids are the great stone tombs that were built thousands of years ago to hold the bodies of the Egyptian pharaohs. There are many pyramids that still stand in the desert along the River Nile, which is approximately ten miles south of the city of Cairo. in Egypt. The first tombs were covered with piles of stones. With the passing of time the piles began to assume a definite shape. It was discovered that these were carefully built of blocks of stone that were fitted together. Generally, the pharaohs wanted large tombs; therefore higher pyramids were built. For as long as five thousand years, pyramids were considered to be the highest structures in the world.

A pyramid is square at its base. Each of its four sides is exactly as long as the others and slope up to a point, so that each side is in the shape of a triangle. The largest of all the pyramids is the one that was built by a pharaoh by the name of Khufu, also known as Cheops by the Greeks. This great pyramid is 756 feet long on each side, the point being 450 feet above the ground. There are spacious rooms that are reserved for the royal family. The rooms contain numerous objects of gold, precious gems. as well as beautifully carved furniture. The Egyptians believed that a dead person could take their earthly possessions to heaven. Egyptian artists, appointed by the pharaohs, painted many significant scenes on the walls of the tomb rooms. The Egyptians also believed that their dead souls would travel though space, for which reason they enclosed large ships in the tombs. The pharaohs were deeply superstitious and mortally feared the gods that they worshipped. They were guided by advisers whose services were considered to be indispensable.

The fact that the Egyptians succeeded in building the pyramids without cranes and engines that we use in building today, is beyond comprehension. Such marvels serve to boggle the mind.
Pyramids are regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is believes that the great pyramid of Khufu took about twenty years to build, and that about 100,000 men labored to complete it. The laborers were mostly slaves who worked continuosly, hauling the massive stones and putting these in place.The slaves, as biblically specified, were Jews.

Tourists can drive out to where the great pyramids are located up to a point when they must ride on the backs of camels around the pyramids. Tourism in Egypt is one of the most essential features of its economy and the government is deeply involved in setting up facilities to suit the convenience of the tourists. The business of tourism is heavily involved in the inclusion of the sighseeing of the pyramids and tourists are always eager to include this particular feature in their itinerary.

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