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The Biometric Lie Detector to be used in Employment Screening

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"The Biometric Lie Detector to be used in Employment Screening"
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What Is Layered Voice Technology?

Terrorists beware: A wide range of technologically brilliant equipment is now available for use in screening inbound travelers who may have more to hide than even the sharpest, most seasoned of security agents can manually detect.

A company named Nemesysco has developed high tech gadgetry which can assess whether or not you are being truthful. This technology known as layered voice technology, or LVA, can detect and register any deceit, internal emotional changes, varying cognitive states, stress levels or other criminal intent, by analyzing a person's voice. It is a fast process which can be used not only in a person to person situation, but also from a recording, a telephone conversation or voice from a voip call, among others. The system can also be used in multilingual situations regardless of age or gender. A swift process too, since it can detect harmful or criminal intent in under 60 seconds.

GK1 or Gatekeeper, can provide added security when used in many checkpoint areas of our airports, and is sure to see our shores and borders become more secure. Surely this would be even more advantageous if used when people were initially applying for passports and visas. Since these documents are sometimes are obtained illegally, further screening upon arrival could then remove anyone who may have been otherwise able to avoid the initial interview.

A Multitude Of Uses:

Layered voice analysis equipment is currently being offered, and used in the areas of criminal investigation, private security, military departments, employee management from a human resources standpoint, fraud prevention, medical use such as biofeedback for those who need psychological treatment and even employee screening.

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Personal Use:

As an aside, a further interesting concept, and possibly a more controversial one is SENSE technology. This consumer version can detect sexual arousal, lies, sexual excitement and more. May I add that this particular system is also in use in far more serious situations such as child abuse and detection of sex offenders. This will go a long way in helping to decrease the problems of predatory practices online. This technology is available for use with PC's cellphones and can also be used with voip programs including, but not limited to Skype.

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