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There is actually a new show called the big bang theory, it is really hard to watch, watching this show is like having a headache but you know what the ironic thing is, the show is funny.

The problem is, most people do not want to watch a show that is funny, and at the same time get an astronomy lesson, all the jokes are based on astronomy, and unless you can pick up on it really quick, and understand why the joke is funny. most people will not continue to watch this show.

This show is actually from the creators of two and a half men, it is almost like the creators are trying to prove that they are smart. I find that people who have to show the world, that they are smart, usually are are not, and they lack self esteem. The whole cast is geeky.

The creators are trying to hard to push this idea, the apartment for the lead has a molecule floor display and charts around the apartment, the shower curtain is even scientific, it is overkill.

Unless this show can move more in the direction of third rock, without the alien idea. and relate the humor more to Lehman's terms as far as the science humor, this show is not going to be around very long, it is to complex the way it is written right now.

Most people want to laugh at the joke when it is told, and not have to think about the joke and understand why it is funny before they laugh at the joke. I am all for new fresh ideas in comedy but comedy is an escape from everyday life, and watching a comedy that gives me an astronomy lesson at the same time, is not very relaxing.

personally, when I took astronomy, there was not a lot of humor in it, and it takes a while for this show to set up the joke because astronomy is not a humorous subject, and I can not image anyone wanting to write 24 episodes a year based on this idea, time will tell if the public can get into this concept, personally I do not think they will get into this show. I know 16 weeks of this course was enough for me, unless you are majoring or doing this kind of work. I do not think it will have a cult following like star-gate, or start trek.

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