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In this small article, I would like to debate the current belief on the origin of life, the big bang. This belief was constructed after the discovery that our universe is expanding. This discovery was achieved by an american scientist who's name is Habel. There is also a physical law with a mathematical forlmula to this description. One of the doubts that one has about this model of the origin of our universe is that there are so many stars in the universe with massive material that if it were all combined together the mass would be so large that it cannot even exist. The other question that arises is that why this mass should explode? in addition was there in the space other stars than this massive matter.

We don't have definite answer to these questions, and the bigbang itself is a hypothesis that we will never be able to prove. It is realy a guess as to how our world was generated. We can give in addition to this another legitimate guess as to the origin of our universe.

My arguement is that we are living in 4 dimensional world which includes three cartesian coordinates and time. The question is: are there lives in other dimensions higher than our dimensinal world. Lets say is there life in 10 dimensions.

In mathematics, we talk in linear algebra about vector spaces with indefinite number of dimensions. Can this arguement be applied to physics. Namely can we find worlds in 8 or 9 dimensions? The answer to this question is yes in my opinion. The only problem is that it is not observed by our limited senses.

In order to explain this point I would like to elaborate on it. What is the meaning of conscienceness? And what is the meaning of dreams? Can there ne life in altered forms of conscienceness, and do dreams represent other forms of life than that we have? I think that dreams are manifestations of life for other creatures that live in other dimensions higher than our world. Our research on the brain is still primitive and in its infancy. We don't have quantitative ways to estimate things like despair or high and low morale. In addition we don't have mathematical laws that govern the behavior of these quantities. What science has achieved so far in the brain research is functional division of the various areas of the brain. In addition to the roles the hormones and neurotransmitters play in the physiology of the nervous system.

In fact our brain is composed of neurons which are really bio-electrical circuits. If we could build electrical circuits that mimic the function of human neurons we can in this way design robots that can think and can have intelligence like humans. Back to our discussion about the bigbangand the origin of the universe. I mentioned earlier about the possibility of life in higher dimensions. In physics we know that particles have duality as either mass or wave. The question then can there be more than just duality of matter and waves. Namely can matter shows or exhibit other forms. This is a legitimate question since if there is duality why there cannot be triple and quadriple faces of matter etc. if this hypothesis should work then we can conclude that everything can change to everything under certain conditions. We know the debroglie relation of mass that can have a wave associated with it. A legtimate question is that can a humans become waves or vice versa. This is currently not possible under our conscienceness but I strongly believe that this can be possible under altered forms of conscienceness. According to what has been mentioned so far and if multiple dualities exist we can ask if humans can become stars or planets. The answer to this is logicaly yes if we count the hudge number of people that died already and the hudge number of stars that we have in the universe. If humans can become stars by changing dimension when they die we can rationalize the so many stars that we have in this universe.

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