The best Sources of Energy for the Future

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"The best Sources of Energy for the Future"
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As the worlds energy demand increases the amount of fossil fuels left for use to extract diminishes and climate change becomes more and more evident.

We all need to do something to help the environment and make coal and gas last longer.

Everyone should look at alternatives to coal and gas use.

There are many different sources of renewable energy.

The Sun (Solar Power)

The Wind (Wind Power)

Water (Wave and Hydroelectric Power)

The Earth (Geothermal Energy)

and the controversial one Nuclear Power

For every country and individual the choice of power for the future will be different as it is dependant on things like weather and location.

The UK for instance is surrounded by water which lends its self well to the development of wave power generation. In Scotland Hydroelectric power stations are already in use sending electricity around the country. In England there seems to be a lot of people apposed to renewable energy, wind power to be precise as most applications for wind farms seem to be turned down because they would be a blight on the landscape. In actual fact the produce little noise and yes they are visible for miles but they are a step in the right direction. There are homes across the UK that are fitted with mini turbines and/or solar panels which are used to power parts of the home and in some cases the whole house and those surrounding it. But solar is not the best choice for the UK at the moment and especially not for the individual home as yes you can save money and help the environment but by the time they have paid for themselves you would need to replace them. To be honest we don't really get enough sun.

Lets look at each renewable source and see were they ar best suited to.

Solar- This would be best used in areas where there is sun most of the time.

Wind- This would be best used in areas where it is often windy.

Hydroelectric- This would be best used on a damable river as it is the water forcing its way through shafts fitted with turbines that generates the electricity.

Wave- This is a great fairly new development that is starting to be used to generate electricity and as the Earth is over 70% water it is a great idea.

Finally lets take a look at transport.

There are different types of car out there.

The Petrol and Diesel car's that we are all familiar with. (AKA Gas in US)

Gas powered cars (LPG)

Dual fuel cars LPG/Unleaded

Electric cars which are charged by plugging them into the mains.

Electric cars that can charge on the move.

Each country needs to look into their options and choose the best course of action that suits their environment, but they should all aim towards renewable sources.

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