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There are many interesting books available that depict the marvelous nature of penguins. Penguins are beautiful creatures to look at, and fascinating to read about. Perhaps people are so enamored with the penguin because the species is found only in the southern hemisphere of the world. Though some zoos contain highly popular penguin exhibits, nothing takes the place of a good book to learn more about these adaptable animals. Below are five phenomenal books which will take your adoration of penguins to a higher level.

1. Penguins of the World by Wayne Lynch

Most people are unaware that there are over 17 different types of penguin species on our planet. Penguins of the World by Wayne Lynch contains colorful pictures of all 17 varieties, accompanied by informative, easy to read text. This book contains interesting facts about the life of penguins from their mating and life cycle, to their diets and habitats. The book is available in paperback or hardcover which makes it a nice gift for someone special or an attractive book to place on your coffee table for all family members to enjoy.

2. Penguins by Seymour Simon

Penguins by Seymour Simon, contains more beautiful pictures of the bird that so many adore. This book contains a glossary and website details where the reader can find additional interesting facts about penguins. The book is published by the prestigious Smithsonian Institution and written by Seymour Simon who has achieved high accolades for his work writing science books and literature. Any penguin enthusiast will enjoy this book as they will learn answers to many questions about their favorite bird, and get an up-close view of everyday activities in the life of the penguin.

3. Flipping Brilliant – A Penguin’s Guide to a Happy Life by Jonathan Chester and Patrick Regan

This book is truly a “must have” book that every penguin fan should own. Not only does the book feature splendid photos of penguins in action, the book contains marvelous insight on the nature of penguins that can be applied to our own daily lives. Indeed, there is much that humans can learn from these amazing birds – such as events in life are not always black and white. You’ll treasure the photos in this book as much as you will appreciate the small “life lessons” that are provided on each page. This book will likely be a favorite for penguin fans and animal lovers of any type.

4. To Love is to Fly by Jonathan Chester and Patrick Regan

If you adored Flipping Brilliant – A Penguin’s Guide to a Happy Life, you’ll likely fall in love with this book created by the same authors, entitled To Love is to Fly. Jonathan Chester and Patrick Regan team up once more to create a charming book that contains philosophical insight into the nature of animals and humans.

5. Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater

Finally, what penguin lover wouldn’t love a copy of the 1938 classic, Mr. Popper’s Penguins? This beloved tale written by Richard and Florence Atwater, features Mr. Popper, a house painter who dreams of Arctic adventures. When Mr. Popper writes a letter to his favorite explorer (Admiral Drake), he is surprised to receive a crate containing a gift from the Admiral himself. Inside the crate is a penguin, who Mr. Popper names Captain Cook. When Captain Cook becomes lonely and depressed, it is soon discovered that a penguin friend is needed to keep him company. The zoo soon delivers a penguin to the Popper household. This new penguin is named Gerta.  Hilarious antics prevail when Gerta later lays ten eggs. Mr. Popper is then faced with the task of providing care for his growing flock of penguins. This story will entertain the young and old, and have readers laughing out loud. 

There you have it - five fantastic titles for penguin lovers to enjoy. With splendid photography, whimsical insight and hilarious adventures, these books will surely warm the heart of any Arctic-loving animal fan.

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