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The Benefits and Costs of having your own Windmill

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"The Benefits and Costs of having your own Windmill"
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 Windmill power stations are a good thing to have for your home or business. Many people thing that they are an eye sore through communities but there are different types of windmills these days. There are different designs on the market now that offer more compact, yet efficient windmills. For around $2500.00 you can place a windmill in a good location to catch the wind and no one will even realize what it is in your yard. They can be mounted on top of a house or garage. There are ways to make windmills pleasing to the eye. 

 People should look at this type of energy as a way of the future. With the rising cost of fossil fuels across America. Windmill and Solar absorbing panels offer a homeowner a means of relief from high electric bills each month. With batteries to store power inside the home, it is the most feasible way to look at windmill power. This is a good idea to me. The cost of these windmill packages could benefit local communities all over the world and start our nation on the way to a different source of reliable power other than coal.

 People could install these types of system if only there were no zoning laws prohibiting them. Local utility companies do not want this type of technology because it can cut power company's profits. It takes money out of their pockets. For a regular customer to go solo from the power grid would be bold. Power companies do not care if you want to sell your power back to them it just goes to some other home anyway. Monopolies hinder a lot of today's modern technologies and power companies work closely with local governments determining the zoning laws. These are some of the stated facts about owning your own windmill. You should check your zoning laws before you buy and place one at your home.

 The people could save two hundred dollars a month on Electricity compared to three hundred dollars a month without one. Like anything else, this technology would have to be economically feasible as far as cost to the consumer. People would really like to be in charge of their own electrical needs without the hassle of zoning laws that restrict modest attempts to own a windmill. People do not realize that one (Small) wind mill could power four houses if it were warranted but electrical companies know all this.

 To save our planet and stop making irrational decisions about fossil fuels to power our nation. I would love to be a part of going green in trend setting the Windmill. I think we are linked in to big company stereotypes where change would prevent the collapse of energy innovation here and abroad. People can use their voice and vote to enforce changes for a better way of power. We have let the big conglomerates that regulate our power have entirely to much influence on what is best for the consumer. If windmills can help in giving people a different way of fossil free power at a lower cost, it seems like the answer would be a no-brain-er.

 If the local governments of cities and towns all across America were truly devoted to finding better solutions at alternate power such as the windmill generators for personal use. We would already be a leg up on the problems at hand. Instead the money issues prevent power solutions such as this from ever taking place. Why must we wait till it is to late to change things that affect us every day. The time for talk is over. We need change now!

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