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The Basic Properties of Water

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"The Basic Properties of Water"
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Water: Natural and Wonderful

I long for you like my soul longs to sit before the simmer waters of Tasiq Lake.

Water makes up about 3/4 of the earth surface. Human blood is 83% water. We are mostly water (about 66%) and yet the chicken is wetter than us. Our most common dinner meat is said to be 75% water. These are some astounding facts about water. Water is abundant, versatile, everywhere but it is also scarce, precious, and increasing contaminated. Water is essential and the objects of some of the most pointed political bickering. Here are some amazing things about water.

You can stand on H2O
You can even walk on it and jump up and down on it. You can even run on it. You can cut it with a saw and make blocks with it. You can chip it with a chisel. You can even take it between your fingers and plunk it into a drink. You can also build a bridge or a highway out of and on it. You can preserve the Alps iceman in it for hundreds of years.

You can build a house out of H2O
An igloo is a house to the Inuit or Eskimo, in which they used to live in for hundreds of years. Early European explorers, even their ignorant or poetic off springs describe the Arctic winter-scape as a vast, white, wasteland. Igloo' means house to the apt Inuit. An igloo makes a fine winter home. Inuit use to be so comfortable in igloos that they could chill' shirtless after a hard, cold day out at the ice. Even the Swedes have started a tradition of building ice hotels for paying guests.

H2O floats in the air
Clouds and fog are made up of water, at least in part. Vapor is water in the gas form. Even the air in your home contains some water. Have you ever feel how the house feels dry and you get static shocks, especially if you have rugs. How about feeling the mugginess of the air in the summer and you hope for rain. It's counter intuitive, but rain does have a way of clearing the air. When the clouds depart, so does the moisture hanging under them.

Even air in the dessert contains some water. It's also very hard to destroy water. Water (moisture) in a fire-log does not get destroyed. Even all the water firemen use to douse forest fires recycles itself. Scientists believe that we have as much water as we began with when our planet became a planet. Water put on fires just evaporates, or some of it does. Then in due time it connects with other water molecules it will come down as rain, snow, hail, snow pellets, ice pellets, or showers.

Water is the most common solvent in the world
Water is the most common solvent in the world. It seems obvious, but we don't often think of water as being a solvent. A solvent is an agent in which you wash of the dirt, grime, stain, or soil from something. Washing off includes baths, showers, swims, which washes of the oils, dust-mites, grime of your skin and of course your hair.

Water is also used to wash cars, the dishes, the floor, windows, clothes, plants, working elephants, pets, teeth, dentures, etc., etc. You could wash your hands many times a day and that's a good thing.

In addition, water is used as a solvent to get the goodness out of coffee or tea.

Water can dissolve so many things that it can become highly polluted. The oceans have become notably polluted with minute plastic synthetic particles. The waters of the Dead Sea are so dense with dissolved minerals that they can keep the densest person afloat. Even the person with the densest head will float.

Water can kill you
Many people die by drowning. Some people have even been known to drown in the bathtub. Many people die in boating or swimming accidents. People cannot process the oxygen present in water, like fish can so they die. Even mighty swimmers like Polar Bears can drown. They can become exhausted out at sea and drown.

Water is toxic
People often say "drink lots of water" but too much of it can kill you. There are documented cases of persons dying of hyponatremia, which occurs when sodium in the bloodstream becomes diluted by presence of too much water. When that happens, the brain can swell inside the skull leading to a coma or death. Jennifer Strange, contestant in Sacramento California died in 2007 after partaking in a radio contest to be the last person to pee after drinking so many bottles of water.

H20 as a space traveler
Comets are space travels. They can travel vast distances in and out of solar systems. Comets are ice and dirt ball, among other things. It is the tail of the comet which gives it, its' signature look. That tail is ice vaporizing in space and being illuminated by the rays of the sun. Ice such as in H2O. Scientists believe a lot of our water comes from many points in space, brought to the earth in collided as it was forming and years there after.

Most living things use water or need water. Humans have dug wells, irrigation systems, cisterns, and reservoirs. Humans have harnessed the energy that the water uses in it's inherent attempt to achieve gravitational balance. A certain species of sand dune beetles in Africa knows how to distil water. The Nimib dessert beetle stands on a ridge of the sand dune and collects water from the fog that rolls into the dunes. Through the groves in its' body, the beetle channels the water droplets to its' mouth so it can have a drink. Imagine taking water from your skin.

Many uses of water
Water is used in cooking. It is an essential ingredient in baking. Imagine baking bread or a cake without water. Its' just not done. Water is also used in soups, stews, and beverages of every description. Water is basic in steaming, boiling, and poaching.

Descriptions of water
Water has been described in many ways depending on the mood of the poet, the character of H2O at hand. Water is; hot, cold, sweet, brackish, fun, warm, clear, tepid, bubbling, babbling, falling, horrid, saviour, hard, soft, clean, saline, brackish, brine, frigid, steamy, refreshing, stale, and so much more.

Water is a symbol
Water is a symbol of washing away sins and death of the temptations of the world (baptism). The Hindu practitioners of India wash in the Ganges River to wash away their sins. Water is used in many rituals, including Inuit hunters giving a drink to the seal. The mighty Vikings use to send out their deceased brave warrior out in a flaming boat into the mercies of the seas. Water as much it is a symbol of death it is of life.

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