Terrorist Abductions are they UFO Abductions

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"Terrorist Abductions are they UFO Abductions"
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Sorry, I don't think these captured Earthly terrorists were put into UFOs for an abduction experience.  These terrorists were put on planes to be taken to black-sites, usually in countries more lenient about torture.  (So the CIA could truthfully say that they had "broken no laws" by the harshness of their interrogation/torture.)  Being drugged for the flight was another way to keep all details of the destination from the terrorist.  In other words, he couldn't look out plane windows to study terrain or recognize tell-tale features on the ground.  Any more than he could "time" the flight, or orient to a direction by the placement of the overhead sun or stars, in order to even approximate where he was headed.

UFO/ET abductions and Earthly terrorists do, however, both involve "terrorism".  The Earthly terrorists have already done or ordered "considerable harm", to be scooped up and taken to these black-sites for interrogation.  If the interrogators have a "time-sensitive tip" of something monumental about to happen, the interrogation will be more about torture-and-terrorizing, to get the terrorist to quickly cough up the relevant details.

The exact reasons for ET abductions are murky.  But seem to include everything from a government "deal" to receive advanced technology or weaponry from this ET species, in return for "allowing" so many abductions; to removing healthy Earth human DNA to save a sickly or dying ET species. 

Although there are many unanswered questions about ET abductions.  Like why some of these abductions take place spanning decades, or progress from abducted parents to their abducted children.  One man claimed that he put his continually-abducted daughter on birth control pills, and the abductions stopped.  So there may be fertility issues as the main reason.  But another theory is that many/most of the abductees are actually hybrids, or have that ET species' DNA in their bodies.  Thus the ETs are mainly "checking up on their progeny."

Whatever the reasons, abductees are certainly "terrorized" during the experience.  Compounded later by nightmares and remembering more details, as well as feeling like no one believes them.  Even the condition called "night terrors", which may explain at least a portion of the abductions, involves an element of terror.

So there are definitely different aspects of "terror" going on with terrorists being interrogated/tortured.  And the ET abductions, whether actual or only "night terrors", also involves a very real "terror".  I just don't think Earthly terrorists are being handed over to ETs for an abduction experience.  The interrogators want answers.  I seriously doubt they care how fertile the terrorist is, or what ET species he's related to.

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