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The Technology of the Future has always been here from the past. Sad is it not that all our energy needs answers have always been her but have been suppressed. In 1915 an Patent was submitted that took natural water and converted it on Demand to make it into Hydrogen and Oxygen and run in a combustion engine. His patent was accepted in 1918. Since that time many more have come forward with systems that produced Brown's gas out of water with great energy efficiency.

Then you have the genius who today on the Internet is still being duplicated in a round about way called Stanley Meyer who did it at the energy efficiency of a getting out Plus 1700% of what was put in energy wise. Scientists balked and the oil industry freaked and even offered in the Billions to suppress this technology. Meyer's would not give into their pressures. It cost him his life. They assassinated him.

No more. The reason people are being killed is they are not having the technology out in the open and they are alone and vulnerable to these powerful and deadly greedy industries. On the Internet you have people working on the same projects much like they did with Lynx when it was introduced on the Internet. It is a open source co-op set up out there. The more doing it the less chance of stopping it.

This new technology has many efficient ways to achieve this goal today. You have Meyer's way which uses any form of water in his Water Fuel Cell which is a water capacitor. The problem that needs to be worked out with this is it is very high voltage and very low amps. It has to be kept in resonance as there is 2 inductors and a capacitor in the main circuit after the Transformer. In his test vehicle he had to have another person always tuning the circuit as he drove down the road. It worked on only tap water then. So with todays electronics technology it would be simple to make a LRC circuit that is self tuning. So why has it not happened?

You have every automaker out their acting like they are working on improving fuel economy and even trying to use alternative sources of energy. But the truth of the matter is they have the existing gasoline engines tuned and timed to be inefficient. One person learned that by changing the opening and closing of the valves alone by 10% increased fuel economy by up to 35%. The automakers have your best efficiency set at above 3,000 RPM's to 6,000 RPM's. My truck does not hardly ever even get over 2,500 RPM's going Highway speeds.

Now if you wanted to use Hydrogen plus Oxygen separated from water as a supplemental fuel they have the computer set up to pump more gasoline as soon as it senses more oxygen at the exhaust oxygen sensor which defeats the fuel economy savings it would have gained had that not been the case. Plus to burn strictly Hydrogen and Oxygen or even just Hydrogen by itself you need the Spark plugs to fire after the piston reached top dead center. The way the have it now is the combustion begins before the piston even reaches top dead center because gasoline is very slow burning and so by the time it reaches top dead center some of the combustion is still burning and with gasoline you do not even have time to burn it all it is so slow at burning which is why you lose a lot out the tail pipe. Originally combustion engines where made to burn hydrogen before gasoline was even discovered.

Don't be fulled. The auto industry has known all these alternative methods of fueling a car and have played like they do not. There was a Guy who is now in the Philippines with a little red car that runs strictly on water by splitting it into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Since the 1970's he has shown the automakers this car and last I heard Toyota was checking it out, but why has no one used this technology as of yet? With Meyer's set up you can burn sea water and the exhaust is clean water out the back of the tail pipe.

The answer is a lot more simple than you think. Greed! Take President Bush and Vice President Chaney. Both oil men. Here Bush acts like he did not even know on National TV that the gallon is reaching $4. You got to be kidding me? Here you have two oil moguls who are more than likely raking in the bucks with this constant rise in Fuel Prices and they act like they have no knowledge of what is happening to the US and try to act like the economy is just fine? Why has no one impeached them yet? That is my question? Why are they not up on at the Senate or Congress on Charges of treason for ruining the economy to make more money in their pockets? As soon s this guy got into the office everything the Clinton's had done to get the economy on track with positive balancing of the budget these guys, Bush and Chaney put us Trillions further into debt then say there is nothing wrong. Unemployment just keeps sky rocketing out of control and he is lying to the public saying everything is fine? We need the alternatives now and Sea water is cheap.

There is another guy who found a cure for Cancer using colloidal gold and a radio frequency. That same machine takes salt water and makes it flame on just like Johnny in the Fantastic 4 on TV. You do not hear any mention about that aspect of the invention on the TV news stations? That thing could make steam to power a large Abner Doble Style recirculating steam engine. The possibilities are endless and the technology is all over the place. Denny Klein has a car that gets 100 miles for I believe it was a 8 oz glass of water. It might have been less water than 8 oz. In Switzerland some students got 13.2 miles out of 1.05 grams of hydrogen which means you can get up to 12K to 13K miles or so out of a gallon of water. It is powerful yet suppressed?

Splitting water into both Hydrogen and Oxygen are the next frontier in energy and will blow away any other natural alternative source of energy and it has already been done. The problem is the oil industry knows it and fears it. It will literally put them out of business which is good! It is like getting rid of the horse and buggy for the jet airplane. The other problem is that with greed and power ruling everyone will want to try and control the water supplies including the access to the ocean's. If you have no energy issues then what can they tell you not to do. You can take a large ocean liner size boat and literally never come back to the shores of the US. You have fresh water from the sea as exhaust from burning the HHO as many like to call it. You have a endless supply of energy to go where ever and however you like. For that matter you could literally live under the sea and have no need to rely on any country for survival. You could live high up in the air on a giant flying platform like SHIELD in the comic books. You just have rubber hoses sucking up the water to convert it to HHO in the air, on demand.

Environmentally as the HHO burns it literally cleans the air of all pollutants. Jet engines can be retrofitted to use HHO to run them and will have less maintenance to worry about. If the Passenger Jet goes down water will not catch fire and kill all those on board. The HHO is made on demand so it shuts down automatically when there is a breach in the HHO tank that makes the fuel. You do not have a hydrogen tank strapped to the body of the Jet nor flammable fuels to blow the passengers to smithereens. It converts VOC's or any combustible gas in the air into cleaned and burned fuels as it flies through the air. The exhaust is some inert gases and water.

So are you willing to jump on the Technology band wagon and work to build a better cleaner and safer future for all of us and generations to come? Act now!

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