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Technology is changing every day evolving and improving the way law enforcement officers are catching criminals. As criminals go high tech law enforcement agencies must advance also. The development of new technology is vital and is needed to fight crime and save lives. Future law enforcement officers will be able to have all the information they need while in the field. The days of returning to the office and looking up warrants and other criminal records is coming to a rapid end. New police cars are now in development that are not only user friendly but completely voice controlled so that a officer can concentrate on the road and not worry about scanning license plate numbers or dialing a cell phone. It is vital that law enforcement agencies continue to develop new technology so that they can stay one step ahead of the criminals. The new technology being develop today will help reduce crime and save lives tomorrow.

One example of upcoming inventions is a police cruiser nicknamed the Carbon Motors E-7 that is being designed by the Dodge Company. This Dodge charger look alike has several impressive features ranging from armored doors and dashboards (capable of stopping 9mm rounds) to forward infrared cameras. The E-7 cruiser can go from 0 to 60mph in just 6 seconds and can reach a top speed of 155 mph. While this car is still on the drawing board, it is one of several new ideas that will eventually become standard around the country.

In the communications age, everyone has access to the internet and with a click of the mouse a abundant source of information is available to anyone who wants it. Criminals use this information not only still identities and gather vital personal information but also to track the movements of police officers in the field. Police scanners can be monitored over the internet by either going to an actual website or just downloading software. However police also have the ability to track criminals the same away and sometimes use the criminals own computer against them. In a recent case criminals used police scanners to rob banks and stores in a small community and for a time police were unable to get any leads the crooks were always a step ahead. Than a tip came in that they were using a abandon warehouse as their base of operations. Local authorities with the help of United States Marshals were able infiltrate the gang install wire taps on all cell phones and even install night vision security cameras so that the gangs every movement could be tracked. The police setup a decoy bank and was able to arrest all the members of the gang by using all the advanced surveillance technology they had available to them.

The future of such devices like the surveillance camera is also changing. These cameras were once bulky sitting on a tripod that rotated that only rotated from left to right and could only give you a view that was directly in front of them not to mention the horrible picture quality. Now new cameras are in the works called (AWARE) also known as The Automated Warning and Response Engine. This new invention will revolutionize the way police and businesses watch and protect people and property. The new camera system will replace the traditional multiple camera views to one single view combining the areas of surveillance to one view.  Another feature included will allow the cameral to zoom in and out of a single room also allowing a bird’s eye of the covering area. (AWARE) will also scan potential threats that until now could only be scanned with by human eyes.  

How many times have we been watching the news and seen a car accident that involved someone changing a radio station or turning on wind shield wipers. Mark Edwards the Director of Traffic Safety at the American Automobile Association stated, “The research tells us that somewhere between 25-30 percent of all motor vehicle crashes in this country really have driver distraction as their root cause”  Now new technology being developed by the University of New Hampshire will change that figure at least when it involves police changes. The system is called the Project54 nicknamed after the television show Car 54.

Project54 is a software that can be implemented aboard a police cruiser and is a fully voice activated command system. The way it works is simple let us say that a police officer has pulled behind a suspicious vehicle instead of typing the license plate number into a laptop all the officer has to do is read off the number out loud. The system will automatically scan the database for any warrants associated with the vehicle while allowing the officer to keep his eyes on the car at all times. This technology when it becomes available for public use will reduce the amount of accidents caused during a police chase.

Have you ever been driving with the radio turned up all the way and then you look in the review mirror and see those annoying blue lights. You pull over and the police officer asks you why you did not stop an hour ago. Well that is going to be changing soon you will not have the problem hearing the sirens. The Chicago based Federal signal is developing the Rumbler. Based on thunderous bass audio systems that vibrates your house from a mile away these new amps when installed in a police cruiser it will be 50% louder and you will have no problem hearing them.

Joseph Bader, vice president of engineering for Mobile Systems at Federal Signal states “The Rumbler was designed to operate at 180 to 360 cycles per second. Sirens, by comparison, are in the 500- to 2000-cycle range, and music is either high in cycles, or extremely low (those based-up audio systems are buzzing at 120 cycles or less). The Rumbler's range is not only pretty different, it's pretty disconcerting, which is what makes it effective. And since the system is essentially duplicating the siren's existing signal at a much lower frequency, listeners quickly realize that the vibrations they're feeling are mapped to the rise and fall of the approaching siren. 
In most cases, officers turn on their Ramblers for a single 10-second interval, which is long enough to clear an intersection or a jammed-up stretch of highway. The effective range is up to 200 ft. ahead of the police vehicle. But Bader says the system is more useful in close quarters.” 

Today criminal can have access to a wide range of technologies and sometimes have unlimited resources to obtain it as well. Police and law enforcement agencies are just the opposite they have limited access and limited resources. It is so important that law enforcement officers have the best technology that is available rather it is a small city or a large one. New gadgets are coming on the market every day we need to keep every police officer updated and aware of what they can expect when they go on duty. The development of new technology should not aide a criminal but rather help catch one instead. Law enforcement officers need to adapt and be forced to learn all current and new technology available to them. Charles Darwin put it best when he said. “Accurate knowledge is the true wealth of the world”


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