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GREEN TECHNOLOGY BULLETIN (03/29/07) brings preventive science to USA.
WE ARE SEARCHING throughout the world for scientific discoveries eliminating: identity theft, pollution, children abduction, violent crime. So far we have found:
1) MOTIONMETRICS is the next generation of biometrics. It remotely measures and analyzes matters in motions'- body language, fingerprints, lip reading, etc. which are unique to every individual (it is known as DNA of motions').
The obtained data is cryptographically converted to numerical symbols and programmed to computer chip the MOT. It is creation of the Digitalized Human Being (DHB). Every Earth's inhabitant has a distinguish DHB.
2) GLOB MONITOR (GM) cell phone with MOT CHIP remotely establish person's identity and whereabouts, is fining wanted criminals, terrorists, paralyzes streets gangs, it makes improbable to commit crime or DUI.
3) DIAGMOT Cell Mot Phone placed at home, remotely monitors person's live style, it early detects symptoms of diseases. For example, autism and breast cancer signals its presence by changes in skin color (spots/blotches), body language and heart rhythm. MotYoga prevents stress, aging, gaining of weight.
4) REDEEMAT (molecules separator) it redeems raw materials directly from garbage. Collecting of garbage and recycling would no longer be necessary.
5) HAIVALA electro-coagulation removes harmful bacteria from groundwater without destroying minerals. (In California when water gets contaminated by fertilizers and salt, the authorities shut down the farms). Also is producing natural fertilizers from cows manure, as well as, breaks up water into hydrogen and oxygen (HO), no fuel cells necessary. Car would travel 25 MPG of water.
6) EARTH'S WATCHER detects automatically and instantly the violators of environmental guidelines, it is programmed to prevents global warming.
7) LANGUAGE PROCESSOR verbalizes deaf-mute people's sign language, translates instantly foreign languages, as well as deciphers confidential codes.
8) BORDER MOTCAM issues visas and work permits; eliminates problem of undocumented immigrants, no need for border patrols and passports.
9) MOT/LIE DETECTOR judge or police would find (from distance) if witness testimony is truthful. It reduces the need for courts, prisons and lawyers.
10) DYA/Digitalize Your Animal (pet, or race horse) then post on National Motionmetrics Network (NMN)' for tracking of missing animals.
11) IDV CODE (Identification/Verification Code) eliminates need for credit cards, ATMs, stops identity theft, prevents counterfeiting of currency. Key in IDV Code to a phone in any retail store and you can purchase goods on credit, or get cash.
12) DICK TRACY WRISTWATCH with Mot/Cell phone and RFS (Retractable Folding Screen) sends, 24/7, to parents and police pictures of child whereabouts.
13) E - TRACKER traces the origin of email and websites also bounces spam back to the spammer and can block undesirable websites (pornography, etc.).
14) DIF (Diamond Is Forever) diamonds and jewelry are measured, evaluated and recorded in the NMN network, it prevents theft or misplacement.
15) DMOS (Distance Motion Scanner) in conjunction with radar and sonar, it can remotely establish identity of ships, aircrafts, enemy missiles, tracking hurricanes, etc. prevents burglaries and car theft, it send alerts to cell phones.

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