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Can we be dissolved on a quantum level?

Alright my fellow quantum enthusiasts. Let's consider this. What if a country, hopefully the U.S.A. of course, had access to a weapon that would invisibly cause us to melt away or decay on an subatomic level?

Well we all know that water is the universal solvent right? But it dissolves, or metaphorically, decays matter even though it take years and years it still will dissolve even the strongest of steel.

But what about humans? What if we could be dissolved by a super secret subatomic weapon? Possible? I think it possible and let us examine how.

We must first understand what makes us, and how we can reverse the process. Well we all know that we are made up of matter. Well then what makes up matter? Atoms of course. Now we have to know what makes up Atoms. We know that atoms are made of particles called protons, neutrons and electrons.

The protons and neutrons are in the nucleus, with electrons orbiting. Well now we must understand that this is where quarks come in. Protons and neutrons contain three quarks each and depending on the position and color of the quark we know what the charge is going to be.

Now we must go even further than that. This is where string theory comes in to the picture. According to string theory all particles that make up forces and matter are composed of harmonious vibrating strings. So basically on a subatomic level down the level of the vibrating strings, we actually are all holy. We are walking around resembling Chex cereal, you could see right through us.

These vibrating strings all have a harmonious frequency. This has been compared to an orchestra that is playing a well harmonized symphony. So how would we in effect dissolve the orchestra? Well since each section of the orchestra has only the sheet music that applies to there corresponding instrument, They must rely on the conductor to tell them when to play there part of the musical piece.

So the answer is simple, in order to dissolve the orchestra you have to take the conductor out of the picture so that the Harmony turns into chaos. What if I was sitting in the audience and during the third movement of the symphony, I threw a rock hitting the conductor in the head and knocking him out? Well the orchestra would immediately lose their harmony.

So what we have to do is interrupt the harmony of the vibrating strings of the string theory and walla. Effectively taking out the conductor. So how would we do that?

Well in order to break up matter we would have to break up atoms. How do we break up atoms? Well its referred to as splitting the atom. How do you do that? Well one way would be to strip the atom of a bunch of its electrons by using a pulsing light or charged plates then circulate them through a curved magnetic field and since the atom has lost some electrons it becomes charged and charge particles speed up when you put them through a curved magnetic field and it keeps getting faster until finally you change the magnetic field until the atom smashing and its particles come flying out like a fighter.

Charged particles can also be accelerated by a electrostatic field simply by placing electrodes with a huge potential difference at each end of an and evacuated tube. These are just two examples and these are also called particle accelerators.

In order to have a particle accelerator you must have three things, first you have to have a source of elementary particles or ions. Then next a tube that is pumped so that there is a partial vacuum so that particles can travel freely then last but not least you have to have a source of speeding up the particles.

Now that the atom is split lets get back to the string theory level. Its theorized that if you put the vibrating strings side by side, it would take a hundred billion billion of them to stretch across a proton.

If you can interrupt the harmonious frequency of the vibrating strings. Just like the orchestra, chaos will occur and start dissolving the matter. How long will that take? We really don't know yet. But I'm sure we are heading that direction.

So in effect we would basically de-evolutionize or instead of moving forward and again we would start to decay or dissolve. This would apply to all matter not just the matter that makes us up.

A weapon able to do this would only have to be activated and then just set back and wait.

Impossible you say? Well in the words of Sherlock Holmes "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains however improbable, must be the truth."

In closing i have gotten several suggestions on material for future blogs. One of my subscribers ask that i take the time to talk about Feynman and his many diagrams. This in itself covers lots of material. I may have to do more than one blog on that one. Someone else asked for more in depth on String theory and another wanted some more material on time travel. To my readers i appreciate the suggestions, keep them coming.

I may not get to your requests quickly as you like but that doesn't mean i have forgotten OK? Until next time keep on reading and ill keep on posting.

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