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I figured out a way to teach the young sometimes hard headed youth about E=mc2. I made it into a rap song or a poem. Here are the lyrics. Tell me what you think. Feel free to use this to teach other about E=mc2. Simply take out the chorus to make it a poem.

Chorus: E=mc2 Yo I think these MC are square. Repeat x2

Now listen closely please if you can fathom
The story starts of with my man named Atom
Now all atoms parts consist of neutrons and protons
He also has electrons they love to make photons
Atom hears rumors about his girl that she cheats
Atom gets hot like 10 million degree's
This heat causes Atom Ionization
He gets as hot as me over Bush's Privatization
Of our whole Country but that's another story
Sit back relax and hear about Atoms glory

Chorus: x3

Now it's really hot and Atoms all ionized
This gives the chance to Protons to socialize
Usually they stay apart from each other
The laws of physics don't let mothers marry mothers
So the protons find away to get around these laws
Just like same sex couples in New Jersey Courts
The electro-magnetic fence comes down for this occasion
And it's all due to heat ionization.

Chorus x3

Now there is nothing holding protons back
from jumping all around and then going whack
They hit each other so hard that they fuse together
This happens once again and then we get these letters
E=mc2 the protons fuse so tight
Theres some mass left to spare
0.7 percent and this pays
Contribution to energy producing gamma rays
God gave us this energy for infinite consumption
But sadly we use it mostly for our own destruction
When it's all said and done and not a life is spared
Ironically we'll end up right back at E-mc2

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