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How to get kids interested in astronomy can be an interesting question, but it really isn't difficult.  Like with any subject for people of any age, it needs to be presented in a fun and exciting fashion; one that stimulates the imagination or stirs the soul.  this is the secret on how to get kids interested in anything!

Start when they are young by reading and watching space stories, and there are a lot.  Even Calvin and Hobbes has several space adventures.  These stories are often simple and funny, but they stimulate the imagination and generate interest in the Universe. Little children will remember and cherish them, and develop an interest in Outer Space, and that means astronomy.

Kids also like computers and being involved, so use the Internet.  First, join the NASA Kid's Club.  They will learn about past and future programs to the moon and planets, get images from the Hubble Telescope and learn about the Space Station. There are also simple games that all provide not only entertainment, but education.  Sign your young children up for the NASA Kid's Club.

Next, get the book "The Stars, a new way to see them" by H.A. Rey.  He wrote it decades ago but the stars haven't changed since then.  The drawing and connections of the constellation are fantastic and will allow the children, and you, to actually visualize the heavens.  Read and look though the book, then take them out on a dark night, some where away from all the bright lights (Remote island in the Caribbean are always nice), and then sit and watch the stars.

The dark skies are best as light pollution can ruin seeing the stars.  Also there is nothing like being out on a pitch black night beneath the starry skies to get someone to thinking and questioning the Cosmos.  They see the vastness of the Universe and naturally want to know more about it.  Just lay out on a blanket and watch the stars drift by.  Of course take insect repellent if it is spring, summer or fall and dress appropriately.

Now take the kids to a space museum, telescope facility or even astronomy lab. get them books, and start with a good pair of binoculars. A telescope may come later, but young kids are better starting with binoculars.

so, get them excited, get the basic and then take the kids out to learn about astronomy.  that is how to get kids interested in astronomy!

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