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Surviving a Hurricane

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"Surviving a Hurricane"
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Hurricanes can be devastating and some places experience them every year. Surviving a hurricane requires some preparation and following simple safety instructions while it sweeps through. 


If your area is likely to be hit during the hurricane season then preparation should be done well before a hurricane is on its way.  Ensure your house is as hurricane proof as possible, particularly with regard to windows and the roof.  If you do not already have sturdy window shutters then install them.  There is no point waiting for a hurricane warning, you won’t have time when the hurricane is coming towards you. 

You and your neighbours need to get together and ensure items that hurricanes can blow are not left out.  These include garbage cans, gardening equipment, dead branches on trees and bicycles.  You don’t risk just losing them, things like this can be blown again property and cause serious damage. 

Because roads are often closed after hurricanes, and the water supply cut off or contaminated, you should lay in some basic supplies including non-perishable food and a supply of drinking water.  A first aid kit is also recommended plus enough of any essential medication to see you through a couple of weeks if necessary.

If you have to evacuate 

Take those supplies with you.  You won’t know how long it will be before you can return to your house so take what you need to survive. You should also remember your documents, cash, sleeping bags, blankets, a cell phone and a small radio.  Believe it or not you will get bored so don’t forget entertainment.  Books and a pack of cards will seem to be near essentials after a day. 

During a hurricane 

Listen to local radio or check online daily for hurricane warnings.  If a hurricane is approaching then everybody, including pets, should get inside.  Stay away from windows; ideally you should stay in a completely windowless room.  Don’t go either upstairs or down to a basement.  There is a serious risk from flooding and underground is not safe

After a hurricane

There are health risks to consider after a hurricane is over.  These are mostly associated with the water supply, which may become contaminated by the associated flooding.  Your tap water might have been perfectly fine before the hurricane but don’t drink it afterwards without checking that it is safe to do so.  Watch out for symptoms of illness and consult your doctor if you become unwell.  The same goes for pets.

Extreme weather is just that and needs to be taken seriously.  Thankfully we usually know about approaching hurricanes in enough time to take action.  Having a sensible hurricane plan means you should escape the worst effects of the hurricane season.

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