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Some animals, although they possess the cutest fur or the most beautiful colour, tend to be the most lethal killers. Often these beauties, should not be taken for granted, because their external beauty is screening a deadly force. Some of them, are armed with magnificent weapons that could kill instantly, and some of them, are endowed with genius techniques that could astonish their victims. 

What then are these beautiful killers but yet unexpected deadly animals? Here is a list with the planet’s most unexpected deadly creatures:

Golden poison frog:

It is considered to be the most poisonous vertebrate on earth. Golden poison frog is the most lethal variety of the family of poison dart frogs. Their names were coined by indigenous tribes in the South American rain forests that used the poison (toxin) of these frogs to poison the tips of their arrows. Besides, the golden colour is extremely eye-catching, but it is actually designed to warn predators of their toxicity. In a point of fact, a golden poison frog contains enough toxin to kill two huge bull elephants. 


It is considered to be the second most venomous vertebrate in the world. This type of fish has a reckless swimming style, which makes it fragile to predators. So as to protect itself, it uses its elastic stomach to ingest a huge amounts of water that is to avoid being esculent. Pufferfish is lethal for other animals as well as to human beings, because it contains tetrodotoxin. That poison is very dangerous, because it has no antidote whatsoever.  Nevertheless, in Japan, it is considered to be one of the exceedingly expensive and savoury type of fish. However, it can be only cooked by trained, erudite chefs, because one wrong cut can lead inexorably to death. 


It is often depicted as peaceful and lovable gigantic creature. Aside from that it is not a predator. However, an elephant can be dangerous, given the harassment and the abuse he gets from humans, by incarcerating it in zoos, and circuses. Sometimes these constraints lead into a blind rage, where an elephant can kill its handler or the tourists that come to take pictures. Therefore, the owners of zoos have ended all sort of contact that might take place between elephants and humans. Particularly hundreds of people were killed by rampaging and agitated elephants. To sum up, an elephant can be the most peaceful creature, but it suddenly can transmogrify into the most dangerous animal on the planet.

Slow loris:

A slow Loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus) is a small arboreal endearing primates with big round eyes. It moves quadrupedally and slowly as its name suggests. Also it is nocturnal and feeding only on plants and insects. A slow loris can be found in different part of Southeast Asia. Besides, Its cuteness can fool humans, because a slow loris is considered to be the only poisonous mammals on earth. The poison it releases can be produced from the side of its elbows. However, in case there is any peril, the slow loris licks the toxin and mixes it with the saliva in order to bite the victim. The poison that it tips its teeth with, can cause death by anaphylactic shock.


It is considered the largest member of the weasel family. It is armed with potent jaws, sharp claws and thick coat. It actually looks like a small bear. The wolverine can be found in northern Canada, western Russia, the United states and Siberia. It is known to be ferocious, aggressive, swift and strong, that it can hunt prey or purloin food from animals many times larger than itself. The wolverine is absolutely timid towards humans, and will endeavour to avoid them at all costs. However, if it is cornered, they will attack either human or not.


It is the third tallest and second heaviest bird on the planet. it can be found meandering the rain forests of Australia and New Guinea. It is a flightless walking bird. It looks like an emu or an ostrich. An cassowary can be very timid, but when it is annoyed, it can transmogrify into an absolutely aggressive and hazardous walking bird.  Apart from that it is very swift, which can render one’s escape impossible. It is very strong, it attacks by thrusting and ramming its caws forwards to eviscerate the internal organs of either a human or an animal.

Innocence, appearance, cuteness can mislead us, this is why we should be careful. Many other animals have got these features, which conceal their lethality and danger.

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