Surgery Techniques against Back Pain

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"Surgery Techniques against Back Pain"
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Before you take advice of a Doctor to do any kind of spinal surgery Please try and find out about what they want to do you or you could end up like me. I was 31 when I was injured in an accident, got lucky and found out quickly what the problem was. I tried many different things the Doctor suggested to no avail. So I changed career and went back to work till things got so painful I couldn't work any longer.
I moved back home and started seeing specialists, surgery suggested to fix the problem and I could go back to my life. I was told we won't know what we are going to do definetly until we see your spine, but we may do this and will probably do that. I was only 36, my father had surgery for the same thing so I knew some of what was going to happen and I didn't check into what they wanted to do. Little did I know my life as I knew it would never be the same again, nor would I ever be able to work again.
They implanted metal hardware and did a fusion. One month later I was worse than before the surgery. Went for follow up, told them the pain was worse and was told it had to be in my head that no one else that had the same surgery was complaining. Found out a few months later that there was lawsuits going on for the implantation's of the metal hardware that was put in me. So I checked it out.
The metal that they put in me was not approved by the FDA, nor anyone else for that matter. It was causing major medical problems, bending and/or breaking, troubles falling, bowl and bladder problems, nerve damage plus numerous other things in thousands of people these Doctors did this surgery on.
To make a long story short, I now live in pain 24/7, can not do hardly anything it causes so much pain, was not caring if I lived or died. All I cared about was not having pain and getting more than an hours sleep at a time, so I turned to all the prescription drugs they gave me, over dosed many times just to try and stop the pain. Of course during all this the FDA and the Doctors did what they had to too save their butts, and this means only a select few will ever be compensated for what they did to thousands. A lot of us fought years just to get disability.
I now live a very meager life on $600.00 a month, in an RV ready to fall apart, never have money to spend on food, I live on what little I get from food banks, and sometimes can't even afford the gas to get to the Doctors, and now they have changed Medicare and Medicaid so that we have to pay co-pays, most of the time don't have that to pay for Blood Pressure and Breathing medications that I do need.
Its very depressing to live like this, so check things out, I research everything. You will be happy to know I did get off all the narcotics they had me on because I can't take them without abusing them.

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