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Strange Happenings during the Full Moon

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"Strange Happenings during the Full Moon"
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Psychologists insist that there are no studies that support our concern over strange human behavior during the full moon. But we know better! After all, we have folklore, urban myths, old spooky movies, and old wives tales that go back to the dawn of man to back us up.

The thirty day cycle of full moon, no moon at all, then various phases of the moon have no choice but to be on the minds of everyone from young lovers to those who think up tales to frighten the young ones. Farmers in parts of Italy still plant their crops when the moon is full, despite the hard work of many an Italian botanist in trying to get them to stop it.

But the sad truth is that there is no proof that more babies are either conceived or born during the full moon. Dogs might get excited when that big, bright thing is up in the sky again, but are not inclined to bite or go crazy because of it.

Police incidents, suicides, cases of increased violence or other civil and criminal crises do not necessarily increase during the full moon, but the ambulance, police, and fire department night shifts might beg to differ. The chiefs of those departments would love to get some analytical results that would provide the justification that would boost their budgets, and consultants would love to provide those reports, but there is no support for anything but Saturday night and alcohol as causative factors in increased problems when the moon is full.

Water is only affected by the moon when it is a part of huge bodies of water that are not tightly confined by cellular or other material. The amount of water in a glass or swimming pool will not rise during the full moon, and it does not expand or rise in our bodies.

But tell that to those of us who lock our doors at night during October, when the werewolf, vampire, and other stories and films come out to frighten us. The werewolf is a mythical creature that is made for the moon: only converting from human form to the form of a hairy, bloodthirsty beast, every month, when the moon is full and then back into a mild mannered individual who means no harm.

And then, there is the vampire, who dreads the sun, but who is a creature of the night, looking for juicy, blood filled prey whether the moon is full or not.

The full moon is a source of everything from romance to terror, fertility guide to planting scheduler. Some people will gamble or play the stock market only during the full moon. Others will do nothing important when the moon is full. Everyone has a story about the full moon in all of it's glory.

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