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Storm Tsunami Prevention Theories

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Storm and Tsunami Termination Theories

The following theoretical strategies employ a combination of two existing technologies which are currently employed by the U.S. Military. These include the Electro-Magnetic-Pulse missile bomb (EMP) and the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB), commonly referred to as the "Shock & Awe." Both of these technologies have proven to be safe to both human and natural environments in which they have been tested and employed.

STORM TERMINATION THEORY, STT (for HyperCanes, Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Typhoons, Tornados, Northeasters, Northwesters and General Cold Fronts)

Stage 1) A C130, or like aircraft, would deploy an EMP missile. The details of deployment would be determined by the wind-speed of the weather anomaly, the height of its cloud formation, and the storm's total circumference. This combination of variables should determine the magnitude of the EMP's charge as well as when and where it should be dropped over its target in order to decimate it before hitting land.

Stage 2) After Stage 1, a timed series of MOAB missiles should be employed in a strategic pattern around the targeted storm. The first missile would drop on the outer edge of the target; each proceeding missile would be dropped at a place nearer to the center than its predecessor. The last two MOAB missiles must be simultaneously exploded above and below the storm's center in order to implode it. The variables involved in determining the timing, spatial placement, magnitude and number of MOAB missiles required includes: the storm's wind-speed, its strongest point of density, and the height of its cloud formation. The width of the eye wall must also be taken into account as a variable, except in the case of cold fronts.


A Tsunami could be terminated long before it reaches shore by simultaneously exploding a series of MOAB missile spaced at intervals along each wave of the Tsunami. The variables involved in determining the number of MOABs required, as well as their magnitude, depth of charge, strategic placement and time of deployment include: the distance from the Tsunami's epicenter to the two nearest parallel land masses, the magnitude of the quake which caused the Tsunami and the depth of the water at its epicenter.


Timely research and development of both STT & TTT strategies would save infinite lives and property damage to future victims of HyperCanes, Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Typhoons, Tornados, Northeasters, Northwesters, General Cold Fronts and Tsunamis.

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