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I remeber the first time I heard about the SETI project on the National Geographic Channel. The team leader (whom I forgot his name) spoke and made all these fancy predictions and that by 2020-2025 we would definitly be contacted by ET. Well however, the SETI project does have very good and vast tools, they are forgetting one and most important thing: the form of contact some ET uses. Personally, many great minds in the field of exobiology made their predictions and gave out what they know in the field of this subject and dedicated thier lives for it; but I can tell that making contact with ET maybe ''different'' than we thought. What if they land their ships infront of us and greeted us while we stood there staring in shock. Out of all the the theories and previous projects, I believe SETI is a very rediculous one. How would they know if ET has a gigantic satellite as a form of communication launched into space and ready to take signals from undeveloped and advanced civilizations? How would they know if ET is humaniod and their technology is kind of ''similar'' like ours (like using radio as part of their daily communication)? My questions and that of others are big and very important. Ask them one of your questions and they will reply to you with either a prediction or a simple answer of ''hope''. From my predictions, other ET civilizations may communicate telepathically or even closer, emotionally.
Why would they use technology for everything? Their evolution provides them with some benefits that we are yet to achieve.
Humanity is still learning learning from its mistakes like SETI and many others in the future.
Why don't we just leave the staellite on their own for a while and just sit for a moment and relax and go near the spiritual side. This is why the SETI project is a failure because it leaves out the possiblity that other advanced civilizations are spiritual with spiritual technology.
Another very IMPORTANT thing is that we are maybe attracting powerful melevolent civlizations and we are letting them know that we exist. There's a point where SETI didn't think about: our fears about ET.
All the jobs at SETI institute is to just jope for a signal. What if we get a clear sign that's bigger than the WOW! signal and this time, ET may not be what we expected(melevolent force). So now how do we act?
SETI has to think before leaving its staellites over heating in the sun all day and try and figure by all means other forms of signal.
Steven Hawkings even said that we can't rule out the possiblity that they are dangerous and war-like. We have to be prepared to everything whether it's this type of things and others related to it.
Our best thing for now is hope. But we can accept some ideas recieved by contactees who claim to have had contact with an actual ET race and recieved very new form or new information that we haven't known before. This is known as the New Age.
People like SETI project always and are expecting early contact but this isn't a good choice because we have to explore our oceans first before looking up into space.
We don't know anything occuring under the sea floor of this planet. May be advanced aquatic civilization exists there and we don't know.
We need to go beyond our radio signals and start exploring the planet in which
we live in.

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