Stephen Hawking Time Travel is Achievable

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"Stephen Hawking Time Travel is Achievable"
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Two of the most important things in life are time and money. In fact, an old saying says that “time is money,” indicating a tight relationship between the two concepts. Judging from the global economic situation, humankind has done a great job messing that up, so now it’s time to see how much we can goof up time.

Genius astrophysicist Stephen Hawkins has determined that time travel is possible, according to Fox News (, suggesting that the ages-old fantasy may one day become reality. The articulation of this possibility comes on the heels of his assertion that extraterrestrial life is a definite possibility.

Fox News published a report concerning Hawkins, his new theories, and his brand new documentary set to air on the Discovery Channel. In it, Hawkins discusses how humans could travel millions of years into the future to reclaim an earth that had previously been destroyed.

More about time travel

Time travel might interest some people who wish to go back in time and redo dumb decisions and tragic mistakes that permanently altered the trajectory of their lives, but those people might not be interested in Hawkins time travel theory: it only allows travel into the future.

According to his calculations, when humans begin traveling aboard space craft that move faster than the speed of light, time for those people will slow, allowing one year of earth time to span just one day on board, meaning that people will naturally arrive back to earth thousands and millions of years after their mission began. This curiosity could result in unintentional consequences of space travel that could be disconcerting for some.

Based on the Fox News report, travelers at speeds faster than light could arrive back home only to find themselves in a completely different world than the one they left.

No reverse gear

The Fox News article says that Hawkins believes that going back in time could be seriously problematic. After all, what would happen if someone went into the past and killed themselves there? Such a situation would mean that the cause of an event would happen after its effect, something that Hawkins says is impossible.

For reasons that most people with normal intelligence may not be able to understand, Hawkins asserts that the people would not be able to make their existence retroactively impossible.

Starting over

People jumping through time as they travel through space would mean that they could arrive at a future point at which they could theoretically start human history all over again.

According to a university professor quoted by Fox says that the CERN collider in Switzerland has already proven that Hawkins’ theory has merit.

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