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Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico

Speculations Ongoing about Mysterious Objects Captured on Video near Popocatepetl

Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico
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"Speculations Ongoing about Mysterious Objects Captured on Video near Popocatepetl"
Caption: Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico
Image by: U.S. Government
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Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano is a very active one. Steadily experiencing volcanic activity for close to a decade, vulcanologists are consistently watching 'El Popo' in the event of a full eruption. Popocatepetl is located approximately 50 miles southeast of Mexico City.

Just last month, in mid-May, Popocatepetl's alert level had been increased by officials, accompanied with warnings of potential evacuation. In spring 2012, similar concerns of eruption had emerged.

While the volcano's natural rumblings are a real concern, some others are focused on other activity allegedly taking place at Popocatepetl. Some believe that the volcano routinely receives visitors in the form of UFOs.

For over a year now, it has been suggested that unidentified objects are flying in and out of Popocatepetl. Theories and speculations of UFOs spread through the Web and social media in recent months, most particularly YouTube where some alleged footage emerged in November 2012. In this incident objects appear to be heading straight into the volcano.

Although, previous video that surfaced in October 2012 highlighted a "cigar shaped UFO". This one had later been determined to be an elaborate hoax.

Over the past several months, a local media outlet placed a permanent camera affixed to Popocatepetl in hopes of capturing additional footage of UFOs flying in and out of the volcano's crater.

It is not uncommon for various reports and claims of UFOs to surface in connection with Popocatepetl. In June 2013, a new report of a video surfaced.

In this most recent footage, the UFO purportedly "slows down, turns and deliberately enters the smoldering volcano crater," reported Huffington Post.

The object appears to be round in shape, as opposed to the oblong image in the episode that was marked as a hoax.

For months there have been several theories emerging. Some suggest the Mexican volcano is a refuge for UFOs to stop; others say the UFOs come from the fiery depths of Popocatepetl. Another perspective that has emerged on social media is there is an airport in the vicinity of the volcano and propose the images are actually capturing airplanes landing and taking off.

Marc Dantonio, chief photo and video analyst of the Mutual UFO Network, told Huffington Post in an email the images do not appear to be fake. "What I think is that this is not a likely fake. I think, for the moment, this is a genuine image capture."

Dantonio commented a bit about the technical details of time lapse videos and added:

"I am leaning toward the object being a captured commercial jet passing through the field of view. Several elements of this video are initially startling, firstly that the object appears to be moving fast, and secondly, that it appears to be descending into the volcano."

The Popocatépetl volcano is about 17,900 feet (5,455 meters) high. The question of whether or not UFOs are hovering around 'El Popo' at its highest altitude and taking heat baths inside its scorching depths continues to spark speculation.

So what is going on at Popocatepetl besides the obvious volcanic activity? Is it UFOs, several hoaxes or some other explanation?

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