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Another memory challenged. I will never forget watching the moon landing that July in my aunt's basement. We were visiting in Indiana and gathered in front of the black and white TV. It was a monumental moment and a giant step for me.

I've also heard the holocaust didn't happen either. Do people sit up nights thinking about such things? What about world hunger or the atom bomb?

Did the landing happen or not? Real or a hoax? I watched the video on You Tube, and went to the money maker's web site and checked this out.

My teenage sons jumped on the bandwagon. We taped the Myth Busters episode on the moon landing. It is a family favorite, they proved the "myth" and said it happened.

Real bystanders witnessed the launches at the old "Cape Canaveral." I know a few. Those space crafts went up, what happened after may seem unbelievable, but many events fall into that category. That is what makes history.

The bigger question in the hoax theory; why haven't we gone back? My opinion; because of economics and politics. The hoax thing is about making money, they want $139 for the video?

Space travel, space ships and the whole gambit costs big bucks. Over the last several decades, the population has zeroed in on technology and what it can do for me. HDTV, Cell phones, Computers, The Net, Medical Equipment, Lime Wire and more.

We are a society that wants the latest and greatest plug in, or battery operated device to make our lives better. Space travel took a back seat. What's the point of going to the moon, I can't find my Nano.

The government, big business, and the stock market saw this as opportunity and any technological advancement was encouraged and funded. Personally, space exploration might be less intrusive. The "devices" in our homes tell and know too much.

If it didn't happen than shame on us. If it is a hoax then all involved in the space program lived lies. Because I lived a real lie, yes it's an oxymoron alright, I believe the landing. Lies that big, eat you up emotionally, and former Senator John Glenn appears stable to me. So was the Challenger a fake too?

When the national debt, and finances straighten out, which is unlikely, maybe we will get back to the moon. If society decides SF movies and the Jetsons look good; Mars will be the hot property; Schwarzenegger can be king; and Bank of America will open the first branch and give away free moon boots!

Just a futuristic thought, is oil needed for space travel?

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