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Some Water Conservation Strategies

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"Some Water Conservation Strategies"
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Potable water is on its way to becoming the most valuable resource on the planet and yet it is wasted because of its seeming abundance. At least in the United States that is. I see everyday such a waste of water that would be looked at as such a precious commodity in the two-thirds world. Everyday people are dying because of bacteria in their drinking water or even a lack of access to it. With all of this in mind, what are some small things that we who have plenty can do to conserve our resources so that are not being such a massive drain on the world supply? Why is it that we use such a disproportionate amount? Also, simply how can we be more economical?

I propose a very simple and primitive way that we can be more careful with our use of water. Keep in mind that I am merely proposing this to make it feasible for the everyday person to do. Simply save the water that you use and reuse it again. Examples of this include when you wash the dishes, brush your teeth or take a shower. You can then use this to flush your toilet or use it in some other manner. There are a few obvious issues with this as you run the risk of harvesting bacteria and mosquitoes if you are not careful enough.

It would also be beneficial to create a water purification system that is efficient, affordable, and accessible to the common person. If this were possible then one could purify the "used" water so that it would be potable.

Perhaps this does seem very primitive but I think if you tried it your eyes would be opened to how much water you actually use and waste. It might even be kind to your wallet as you spend less on your bill. Too many of us care too little about the world outside of our own, if we were to see how desperate people arefor water in third-world countries then we might try and do something about it. You might even contribute the extra savings from your water bill towards finding solutions in those countries to make water more accessible, after all it is still being spent on water but would be more of an investment.

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