Sociopolitical Rammifications of Dnagenetic Research – Yes

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"Sociopolitical Rammifications of Dnagenetic Research - Yes"
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I say it has- not for the empirical evidence and the great things that come from them, it's the sociopolitical impact and how governments worldwide tend to use them. The fact that we have a 35-year debate over abortion, is proof. The pro-choice crowd uses the issue of fetal stem cell research to keep abortion alive. There is concrete evidence that shows that the only stem cells that actually work are the fully developed adult stem cells. That would have saved people who suffered tragic accidents, leaving them paralyzed, like Christopher Reeve. And people who suffer from Parkinson's or other debilitating disorders. How Michael J. Fox portrayed himself in that ad in the 2006 midterm elections, is how devastating Parkinson's is- without medication. How a lot of the media reports the scientific advances is often through the political prism- and that usually puts a left-leaning spin on otherwise newsworthy breakthroughs. Also, this spin often gets accepted as gospel, when in fact, the opposite is true. Other advances (albeit a small one), is ultrasound- allowing people to see 3D imaging of most anything from tumors to a growing baby in the womb. Often, the only time we hear about ultrasound is when it's used in imaging of a baby. Even the term fetus, latin for 'little one', has political implications. Now, with cloning, there have been debate over this for some time. While most have been led to believe that cloning is just some stuff from the space age, it's been around since the 1940s (some say), but the implications are the same. While ethics/'playing God' talk will always abound, this can be used as a weapon and have terrible consequences. Remember how Dolly the sheep and other cloned sheep and animals came out? Missing vital organs, eyes, etc. It was a sight to behold at first- but the animals were just shells of the original creation. Add to that, the animals were clearly in pain- can you imagine how that would be with humans? Then again, the original "test-tube baby" has a full life, has a family of her own, and is perfectly healthy. In closing, the sociopolitical rammifications of genetic breakthroughs truly makes it dangerous. It could very well end up like the sci-fi movies or comic books. Already, we see that, even in the smallest degrees- like with "male enhancement" products- older men, way past their sexual prime still messing around. That didn't used to happen. Now, with DNA research, there has been serious debacles in terms of researching cures for previously incurable diseases- people dying, people being scarred for life, that sorta thing. Then, there are those who believe that they ARE God- with potential DNA manipulation, and the right amount of cash, you can have an army of killers a la Universal Soldier, there would be cartels reigning supreme worldwide. Add to that, who's to say that that's not happening right now? The advantages of DNA researching is great, from whiter teeth to finding cures for cancer- but the harm, or potential harm far outweighs the good.

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