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We see society with its many problems and it seems so complicated. And it is, but especially because we haven't really been able to make a good assessment of the major forces that leads society into either two generalized directions as simple as right or wrong. We might not like to hear the simplicity of right or wrong when there are so many variants. We don’t want to be called as a person that sees life in terms of black and white. However, the reason we sometimes progress and sometimes digress is because we are either doing things partially right or partially wrong. The more exact we are in doing something right the faster we progress and the more erratic we are doing it the faster we digress.

In art there are many colors and hues but the white, which is not a color but light, makes possible for us to appreciate that abundance of different colors, shades and hues. With this I mean that there is an absolute truth that tries to attract all of us through the main tool we have which is common sense, faith included, but not all of us go that route because of so many temptations to go after what is not gold but shines as if it is. Besides temptations there are just ignorance of how to progress.

We can’t ignore external forces like a tyranny in some nations that just prevents the people from progressing. This combination of internal and external forces moves society in many different directions depending on where the power has been concentrated. We can’t ignore within this external forces the invisible forces of good and evil, God and Satan, blessings and curses. I know many people don’t believe in this forces but the Bible states, for example, that “…Blessed is a nation who’s God is Jehovah…”

But it is not easy to target something as right or wrong because we don't know the absolute truth. We can only discover principles that works and we have to assume that they come from the absolute truth. The most effective way for us humans to tap into some principles that comes from the absolute truth is common sense. Beside common sense people make decisions affecting the way a society move in whatever direction by falling prey of many other motives like greed, hate, selfishness. I am not mentioning love because I am including love within common sense. 

Society is composed of individuals, family units, religion institutions; government institutions, influential associations and we have powerful industries that somehow influence the way we make decisions. We have the food industry, the communication industries and the art and entertainment industries. These are the major powers that give direction to society but we have to understand that they are just influential because in a democratic society we make the choices. These institutions and industries have influence because we give them the power. We elect them to political positions and we buy their products. If we don’t they have to close down. The bottom line is that society is just a conglomerate of forces pulling or pushing in many directions but the group with more power lead society.

The institution of government is nowadays the more dangerously powerful institution. But in a democratic society government shouldn't be more important than "we the people". By allowing government to grow big, we are putting at risk our own power and our own abilities to take care of ourselves and as a consequence of taking care of ourselves we increase our economic power in a way that other will eat big time from the crumbs that falls from our table to the floor. So many people think today that government is more important than the people. We have government because we have imperfect people and not people because we have government.

In a dictatorship the people are not important in making decisions to form the character or the idiosyncrasy of society. The decisions come from the top down. All the major forces that lead society are controlled by the state. The forces of religion, the market, the education, science, all industries and technologies are state run. There is no private property and also the way people dress and their art and entertainments are under the scrutiny of government. The inalienable rights, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, given to us by God are non-existent in a dictatorship. This elite gives direction to its society.

Because "we the people" in a democratic society are much more responsible on the direction a society go and in the forming of their idiosyncrasy, is the reason we need to understand how is it that we are not satisfied the way our society is moving and how we got here without us knowing how that happened. Let's break it down by studying the building blocks of society, the family. Families have to make critical decisions most of the time. Base on these decisions we advance to better places as families or we retrocede.

Every decision has consequences and we make thousands of decisions daily; to get up at 6 a.m. or at 7 a.m.; to go to work or not going to work; to go late or earlier; to use the red shirt and the white socks or the green shirt; to call our friend or not to call her; to answer the phone or not to; I can make a huge list but I guess you got the point. But also by not making a decision we are making a decision that also has consequences. I can start studying hard today and prepare myself, but if I don't do that is another decision that also has consequences. We heard the saying, "if we fail to plan, we plan to fail". Our decisions will have an impact on us, our families and eventually on society.

But let it break it down even further by saying that our decisions are shaped by our way of thinking. When we make a decision it is because we have thought about it first but not always that is the case. We make decisions impulsively without thinking about it. Those are reactive or emotionally charged decisions. These decisions could be the right decision but most of the time is not. This is the point I made that there are right decisions based on analyzing what we choose to do and there are wrong decisions made by impulses or by some type of wrong thinking that bring unwanted consequences.

We need to go a little further with our analysis and say that the building blocks of society, families, are further divided between two genders that don't make decisions exactly the same way. In a marriage situation there are many conflicts due to this decision making problems. This is where marriage breaks all the time. Male power has been minimized and female power maximized by government. Like many issues in government politicians can’t think straight if their brain is being control by being re-elected to office, Even though males have many flaws are females also have, a healthy direction of a society, especially a democratic society, takes depends on the males leadership. Males by nature are leaders and that is why a woman hardly marries a man that lacks this characteristics. Women do this by instinct.

The women’s liberation has damaged this healthy relationship between a man and a woman by using the power of government to introduce legislations limiting the male leadership. We all have heard of politically correctness. All of these flaws on common sense is directing our society today because the power of government keep increasing and the power of common sense living in we the people is decreasing. If we choose limited government society will be directed better by the power of the people instead bt the power of politicians.

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