Social Trend Quarter Life Crisis among Young Adult Professionals

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"Social Trend Quarter Life Crisis among Young Adult Professionals"
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Good Lord, I am the poster child for quarter-life crisis. Through out my life, I was always in a hurry to get everything. Now that I'm twenty-five, I'm realizing that I'm not getting any younger and my life is spiraling into old age, and it is coming very quickly. Now I'm getting determined to do everything in my life that I always wanted.
Life as we know it is constantly changing, and it is getting faster, faster and even faster. I have very recently started writing full time, and nut just letters or in my journal. The biggest reason I've started is because it slows me down. This is my escape and my way to release my pressures of life. Never did I realize that would really enjoy it like I do.
I look back on my life and wish I had slowed down a long time ago. I was always a party animal and I didn't have time for the stupidity of politics, current events and I couldn't care less at all. All of that has changed for the most part, now I really look at things, and I actually care. Looking back, this really is a very big deal; DJ really does care about something other than that next party to go to.
I tell you this because; I never thought in a million years that I would stop to smell the roses, so to speak. If it wasn't for that wonderful crisis, I probably would be still out with the party, I don't know, maybe even drugs and everything else.
Now I can't wait for the mid-life crisis to hit, where the party begins all over again, and let reality hit me like a freakin brick wall. It did for my quarter-life, who knows; maybe I'll have a third quarter-life crisis. Can't wait too see what that brick wall is going to be like. It seems to me, talking to older people, that brick wall seems to get bigger and bigger each time we hit it. You lucky ones have airbags. Me? No airbag, no seatbelt, I'm so damn stubborn that I'll go straight through that windshield we like to call, life.

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