Social Trend Quarter Life Crisis among Young Adult Professionals

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"Social Trend Quarter Life Crisis among Young Adult Professionals"
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Oh dear. Have we all found something else to moan about?
Most beasties that inhabit this odd little planet along with us, seem to get along with things pretty well I'd say. Things happen to them and, oddly enough, are dealt with in a fairly efficient way. " Cosmo" has yet to publish its first feature on " Does he just love me for my red bottom" for baboons. Apparently, it will be at least a year until the official " Why do we chase mice " emotional help group for cats is recognized.
Why do we find it so hard?
Not content with the menopause and , the so-called mid-life crisis, are we now to believe that something else was sent with the sole purpose of upsetting us?
Remember being a kid? All the adults had all the power- not much fun.
Remember puberty? What the hell was that all about?
Remember late teens? No one took you seriously?
Remember the first proper job? Not enough money?

What do these things have in common?
Maybe, if everyone just shut the hell up and stopped analyzing everything, we'd all remember those times as being great fun!
Being a kid was great. No responsibility. In-fact, your biggest concern was who you going to play with after school, and how many sweets you could steal from them.
Puberty was strange and frustrating, but I wouldn't swap the memory of my first wet dream for all the tea in China.
Late teens were great. You hated everyone anyway, so who cared if they didn't take you seriously. What the hell did they know ? You knew everything and, as opposed to the " grown ups", were indestructible.
You hated your first job and pulled more sick days than there were sick people in the office. You wern't worth half what they paid you! Face it...
As for " Quarter-life crisis"...... You're not twenty two anymore.
Get over it. The rest of the world has!

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