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The pain is real and most of the time the perpetrator doesn't even realize it. Bullying is a widespread issue that is extremely dangerous - not only are the victims losing confidence in themselves, horrifically - many of them are taking their own lives. We wonder where bullying derived from, who started it and why it has become such an issue in society today. 

The victim of bullying falls prey to a person who is insecure as they wish to hide that insecurity through bullying someone else. While the victim is being slapped in the back of the head on a school bus and others are laughing, the bully is being filled with accomplishment - it's as if the bully has made his mark, shown his power, and dominated the audience.

Social causes of bullying rests around a variety of things; poverty, jealousy, or the bully being a victim himself from abuse at home. Socially, bullies want to hide their true feelings from others, they don't want to be recognized as someone with issues of their own, therefore they turn the focus on someone else.

Bullies can find victims easily, they choose people they fear the less, ones with a smaller build than them, and ones that they don't believe can or will defend themselves. If the bully suffers from abuse at home, they seek someone else to take that anger out on, leaving them with a feeling of dominance - something they don't have against their own abuser.

There are those that bully because they are jealous of another, they want the world to see the victim as something other than who they are. Bullying can be triggered by an act of jealousy, this jealousy makes the perpetrator feel like less of a person, so it angers them and they want revenge. Bullying of a popular person is not often seen but does happen. Socially popular people are rarely bullied because they are admired by so many, the bully doesn't chance being viewed as the "bad" guy or possibly being ganged up on, he would rather hear laughter from others when he bullies. This is almost comparable to feeding a hungry bear.

Many victims don't realize that they can cause a bully to want to focus on them and showing fear is one of those ways. Bullying is very traumatic to the victim, but the victim must understand that by revealing fear, he is feeding the desire of the bully to continue this horrific act. 

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