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Snowiest Cities in the us

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Defining which of the snowiest cities in the United States is almost as difficult as it is trying to predict when snow is going to fall. However there are statistics compiled by the US Census Board  that have recorded the estimated annual snow fall for major cities that have more than 440,000 people and that receive more than 100 inches of snow. Here is a list of those snowiest major cities.

Denver, Colorado

Not only does Denver, Colorado hold the record of 60.3 inches of snow annually making it the snowiest city, but also it has the longest winters. Denver stands alone in getting their first snowfall in September which averages 1.6 inches and this fall of snow repeats itself again in May. Denver is the only place you will find snow nine months out of the twelve months of the year. It may not sound to appealing for those that live where they do not have snowfall but for those that know the joys that winter snowfalls can bring soon flock to Denver for their first taste of skiing every year. This makes Denver a very popular place to be from September on.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio runs in a tight second for being the snowiest city, receiving 59.0 inches of snow. This in itself should be plenty of winter for any city, but due to Cleveland being located in the Snow Belt and on the Southern shore of Lake Erie, right at the opening of the Cuyahoga River, adds a little spice to Cleveland’s winters. The temperatures are very cold and the winds of the lakes keep the snow piled high.

Milwaukie, Wisconsin

Milwaukie, Wisconsin comes in at third place when it comes to snow falls which measure 47.1 inches annually. Milwaukie experience a wide variety of temperatures through the winter months but never reaches the real warm temperatures but usually run between 28F (-2C) with the lows reaching 13 F (-11 C). This is due to the location of Milwaukie that is influenced by Lake Michigan which is close by.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts is fourth in the run of snowiest cities with the annual snowfall accumulating 43.3 inches of the white stuff. This should come as no surprise seeing that it is almost completely surrounded by water and water can cause havoc during the winter months. The rivers that border this city are The Mystic to the North, Boston Harbor is part of the Alantic and Neponset River which borders the South. This brings the colder temperatures from November to April with their snow falls occurring from December to March but these temperatures are still moderate.

Detroit, Michigan 

Detroit, Michigan comes in at number five with an average snowfall of 41.9 inches. Detroit has more than snow to contend with during the winter months. Cloudy skies are a big problem for people with ailments like SAD. The temperatures dip fairly low during the winter and you will not find many sunny days.

The remainder of the cities that boast large amounts of snow fall are Chicago, Illinois at number six with 38.2 inches and with the nick name the windy city it doesn’t make winters any easier as the temperatures drop combining the coolness of the wind. New York, New York is at number seven with a snowfall of 28.8 inches keeps the Big Apple in a white blanket for a few months out of the year. Columbus, Ohio is given the honor of being number eight with a snowfall of 28.4 inches and varying temperatures but it usually cold enough for snow.

Indianapolis, Indiana comes in at number nine and receives 24.1 inches, with temperatures to match it makes for a very interesting snow season. Where Baltimore, Maryland runs at number ten with 21.4 inches, its temperature do vary but nowhere near the temperatures enjoyed during the spring and summer. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania receives an annual snowfall of 21.1 inches at number eleven which is a very close second to Maryland and last, but not least, Kansas City, Missouri comes twelfth with 20.0 inches.

Each of these cities may get a high percentage of snow but it doesn’t damper their spirits. They use the snow and cold weather to their advantage to promote their cities. Perhaps if they were to have to do without snow it would not be the same. Some may be even proud that they are one of the snowiest cities in the United States.

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