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Smells associated with Autumn

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"Smells associated with Autumn"
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Smells Associated With Autumn

It's that time of the year again. Autumn is here. With the weather being crispier ,the leaves being the color of amber, crimson,and gold also brings all the wonderful smells associated with Autumn.

As I sit back with my pen in one hand and the other with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmellows. I start to think about the smells associated with Autumn. I automatically think of apple cider and cinnamon sticks simmering in the kitchen at a friends house.

Every Autumn a  friend of mine likes to put fresh red apples and fresh cinnamon sticks in a big pot to simmer on her stove when she has her holiday party and that smell of apple cider just flows through her  entire house. She usually leaves a ladle by the pot so we can fill our own cups. Every time I fill my cup full of the apple cider . I can't help but think how divine it is. With a little sprinkle of nutmeg on top it's makes it the perfect cup.

My other favorite smells of Autumn are the candles that burn with the fragrance of berries,vanilla,nutmeg, and pine. I like to place these scented candles around the house during Autumn. It really puts me in the mood for the upcoming  holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. When I light up the candles the smells  are so delightful. I enjoy savoring in the scent. There are so many candles nowadays that smell so yummy. Like apple crumb cake, gingerbread, and cherry pie. It's amazing how many different scents there are.

Thinking back to my childhood. My memories bring me back to the times when I would go to my grandmother's house. It makes my mouth water just I thinking about it. I remember every fall my grandmother would have pumkin pie and peach cobbler baking in the oven .The smell of the pumpkin and peach cobbler is one of favorite smells and memories growing up. Every October I get excited about having that same scrumptious smell in my house.

I can't forget the smell of wood burning in fireplaces and smoke filled chimneys as I take walks around my charming neighborhood of South Park. I frequently walk so I get get a whiff of fresh crackling wood burning in fireplaces.

There are so many smells associated with Autumn. Whatever your favorite smells are . You can't deny how delightful they can be. It's Autumn. Enjoy!

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