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Hi, I am Colette Georgii, the Sciences 360 site curator. I’ve been overseeing Helium Publishing’s science section for a few years now and really enjoy the experience of reading and writing new science articles.


I came to Helium Publishing looking for a place to impart my knowledge about many things. Having received my degrees in my later years, I decided to write about what I know; it allows me to share my education with others instead of keeping it all to myself.


I received my BS in Education with a concentration in the Social Sciences in 1978 from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, and an MS in Community Economic Development in 1998 from Southern New Hampshire University. I also received an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University in 2002.


I’m interested in anything having to do with science (and really, what DOESN’T relate to science?!), as well as movies, the arts, cooking, sewing, collecting books, famous authors, gardening, farming and wildlife.


I live in Maine where I have a garden and grow all kinds of vegetables. In the summer we take the vegetables to the farmer’s market. I am an organic gardener in keeping with my interest in the environment. I keep a sketch pad with me at all times when traveling around the countryside. I like sketching the sea and the ships on the ocean; also the rocks by the ocean’s edge. I have liked collecting rocks since a small child.


If you’d like to read some of my writing, you might enjoy this sampling:

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The Geology and Formation of the North Sea

If you are as interested in science as I am and have something you would like to share with me, I’d be pleased to hear from you. Feel free to contact me with any questions through the messaging tab available to logged in members of Helium Network.

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