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Sin Complete Agreement second Law Thermo Dynamics – Devolving

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"Sin Complete Agreement second Law Thermo Dynamics - Devolving"
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Devolution is more consistent with life as it actually exists today, since devolution and the Second Law of Thermo-Dynamics are terms that can be used interchangeably in the humble opinion of this writer.

Furthermore, the assumption that evolutionary processes, (either positively or negatively) could explain life on Earth is arguably a claim to omniscience at best or a bit sophomoric at worst.

Is it actually necessary for the human genome to mutate in any way in order for all humans represented on Earth to exist as presently they do?

Was it necessary for the DNA of some abiogenic amoeba or paramecium to mutate into higher forms of life, including humans?

For the sake of theoretical contemplation, let us ponder for a moment the creative potential fully-extant in the 46 chromosomes of the very first human being, Adam.

According to the account given in the Book of the Torah, known as Genesis, the first woman was created from one of Adam's ribs, meaning that Eve's creation was extant in the 46 chromosomes that Adam initially possessed.

Yet, Eve did not look like Adam, and Eve's gender was complimentary, not equal to Adam's gender.  It may therefore be hypothesized that the necessary characteristics of Eve existed within the chromosomes of Adam.

From that point in HIStory until today the method of human reproduction has been sexual, not by special creation.

Sexual reproduction requires the splitting of 46 chromosomes into 23 chromosomes in order to create an entirely unique set of 46 chromosomes existent in the offspring.  23 chromosome (Dad) + 23 chromosomes (Mom) = 46 chromosomes (Baby)

Is it plausible to believe that if the 46 chromosomes of one man's DNA contains sufficient information to create a human, who is opposite in many significant ways, that said 46 chromosomes thus manipulated, and subsequently split in half in myriad creative ways as well as being coupled in myriad creative ways, repeating the patterns in myriad creative ways through multitudinous times over the course of thousands of years, could produce every human being and every human trait for every incidence of humanity throughout HIStory, with DNA incidents that barely scratch the surface of possibility?

Apologies for the minutiae, but the concepts of DNA are so infinitesimal as well as stretching-out into infinity that when the mind begins to surf the waves of possibility extant in the DNA strands of the human race, one staggers at why the human mind would even need to contemplate the wild stretches of fancy required for belief in evolution in the first place.

It is the heart-felt belief of this writer that there is more creative potential in one strand of DNA than in the strength of all human artists throughout every age of human HIStory.

Consider the mathematics of Humanity's incomprehensible wealth of unique traits.  46 chromosomes split into 23 chromosomes, and paired by the same parents result in multiple children of widely-varying traits.  

23 + 23 = 46, but 23 X 23 = 529.  

Does this mean anything?  Possibly, but maybe not.  

It does show that running the numbers in various ways results in great contrast of possibility.

What does this mean for humanity and its improvement or degradation?  This shows arguably that all the information necessary for the entire human race is already contained in the original 46 chromosomes of a man, named Adam.  

This makes evolution unnecessary, the mere purview of philosophers.

If 26 letters of the English are the only units required for the creation of all the writings of English-speaking peoples the world-over through-out the printed HIStory of mankind, how hard is it to believe that three fewer units (aka 23 chromosomes of DNA) could be responsible for every human cell throughout the HIStory of mankind?

Devolution?  Hardly.

The degradation is the responsibility of Adam's Original Sin (Romans 3:10,23; 6:23,) since sin causes the distress of the entirety of Creation.  (Romans 8)

Thus submitted, devolution is as impossible as evolution.  Sin is the source of all degradation and ultimate physical death.  Sin is in complete agreement with the Second Law of Thermo-Dynamics.

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