Should Smokers and the Obese be Denied Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery – No

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"Should Smokers and the Obese be Denied Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery - No"
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For years, almost since the beginning of time, smoking has been in the mainstream of society. Smoking is a human trait and it is one that will not disappear until the tobacco industry disappears. Believe it or not, the tobacco industry, a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States is going nowhere. At the same time, people who do get coronary artery disease from smoking are no different than a non-smoker. There are non-smokers who get coronary artery disease, so why should those who smoke not get the same rights to health care? Same thing with obesity. Not everyone is obese from over indulging at the dinner table or snacking too much. People can be obese because of a health condition. One thing this writer believes is that smoking and obesity, and this is only an opinion, is that they can both be hereditary like high cholesterol. This writer says this because he is a smoker, yet, did not start until he was 25. Everybody, his parents and his three brothers, all smoked. This writer was into healthy things including sports and healthy eating, yet, after a while it seemed that smoking was hip and the thing to do.

It is said in the media and on health shows on television and on the radio that smokers and people with obesity seem to miss work more than others. Well, this writer has missed maybe a total of three days due to the common cold and took his regular vacation days. Not once has his smoking caused him to miss work. At the same time, as long as the smoker is a citizen of a country like the United States and has the freedoms that are afforded Americans, than why should the freedom of having health insurance, life insurance or any other kind of insurance be taken away from them? They already pay high premiums for their insurance, is this not enough punishment? Now, we are debating whether smokers and the obese should be denied life saving procedures? This would be ludicrous and be one step closer to a socialistic or communistic regime.

Here is another example that needs to be included here and maybe those who say that smokers or obese people should be denied coronary artery bypass surgery would think differently: This writer's grandmother weighed in at 350 pounds. She was a big eater, yet, was never denied the good things in life. She traveled all over the world for the American Cancer Society and never smoked. Yet, she was a very heavy woman. She was a very caring and loving grandmother, yet, believe it or not, never had high cholesterol and never had coronary artery disease. Go figure. Well, it is the individual's body which makes the difference.

What should be done is smokers should be given designated areas for smoking and they should be considerate of non-smokers. It is the second hand smoke that is the biggest killer. Obese people should be allowed the opportunity to lose the weight if they so desire. If they do not and continue to gain making themselves so sick, then so be it. We are the keepers of our own bodies. We are responsible. Do not take away the freedoms that all so enjoy having.

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