Should Smokers and the Obese be Denied Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery – No

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"Should Smokers and the Obese be Denied Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery - No"
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My God!  Have we become such a heartless society that we even have to debate this?  Has humanity as a race of beings reached the point where care and concern for others of our species is a question of whether to help them or not?  If so, then I think that is horribly sad and twisted.  We have become a nation of barbarians who have no concern for the welfare of others.

It is justified to deny someone medical treatment because they got hit by a car while crossing the street just because they jaywalked or chose to go out of their home that day, on foot?  Do we leave the bullet in the hunter that accidently shot himself in the foot?  Should people who get hurt while doing their job be denied treatment because they chose to go to work that day?  To the child who is hurt on the playground simply because he was out there playing?  Should we deny food and clothing to the poor simply because they are poor?  The whole thought of denying someone medical treatment at all, is assinine!

When one stops to consider the toxins in our food and water that can create weight problems for people.  Additives that are carcinogenic, like Aspartame which is in Splenda and Nutrisweet that actually cause a reverse reaction in our bodies that causes weight gain; Tributyltin which is actually a wood preservative used in our foods.  Carcinogens like DDT and bispheynols which can cause breathing and heart problems among a host of other ailments.  How can a person begin to refuse medical treatment to another human being? 

There are over 77,000 chemicals that can cause obesity and heart problems that are in our food, water and even our air.  (See my article: What you should know about food additives and chemicals, on Helium).  Should we deny medical treatment to anyone who gets food poisoning or has a reaction the the additives in our food or water?

It’s an established fact obesity can be genetic; that many overweight people have overweight parents or ancestors.

Much of the world’s weight gain is actually caused by dieting.  Diets are one of the worst creations of mankind, yet millions of doctors put people on diets every day.  Dieting actually starves you to the point where you can binge, many artificial sweeteners that cause weight gain are in our diet foods and drinks.  Diet TV dinners and entrees are packed full of salt and sodium which causes weight gain and bloat. 

If that isn’t bad enough, people who take steroid medications, among other types are often victims of weight gain; it’s a side effect of the medications!  How can anyone be so twisted as to refuse help or treatment to innocents like these?  Nevertheless, many aren’t told by their doctors that they’ll gain this weight or that steroids will create even worse problems for their health other than weight.

Smoking has been done for centuries, but only in the last century have we had more heart, respiratory ailments and cancers from smoking.  What is sickening is that no one seems to want to lay the blame where it should be.  Cigarette manufacturers add the toxin, nicotine, in cigarettes, among other chemicals on purpose to get people addicted to smoking.  The Food and drug administration, (FDA) mandates that tobacco be sprayed with various poisons, many of which are cancer causing carcinogens before the tobacco can ever be harvested and sold.  Think about it, if insecticides and pesticides kill insects and other pests; what is it doing to you, once ingested or inhaled?  Yet, there are over 4000  different toxins in commercially produced cigarettes.

These toxins are passed on to the body of the person who smokes, but it is never listed on the cigarette package that the cigarettes or tobacco is packed with carcinogens!  No, the only warning it carries is the surgeon generals’ recommendation not to smoke them.  God forbid that anyone put why on the packages; people wouldn’t buy them!

Yet for decades children, teens and adults got to be bombarded with pictures in magazines, on billboards and on TV of people just like them smoking…we were taught that it was, “cool” and “Pleasant”.

Millions of children grow up with parents and grandparents who smoke.  No precedant or example was set for them other than smoking.  Yet someone today wants to keep these people from the necessary surgery that could save their lives just because they were mis-informed or mis-guided.

Granted, that many people will continue to smoke after they know that it is harmful, my own late sister continued to smoke after 7 years of battling her cancer.  She insisted that it was one of the few pleasures she had in life.  Believe me, her life wasn’t that great, so I understand why she felt that she had to have something to hold onto.

Nevertheless, no matter what a person’s habits, they are human beings, our own species and if we aren’t compassionate and humane enough to take care of each other then we have, sadly, lost all of our humanity. 

People have reached the age of 100+ years while smoking.  I once heard of a 90 year old woman from the Philippines who wouldn’t smoke American produced tobacco because of the chemicals and toxins that is used on it and added to American cigarettes; she never had cancer and was still able to get her daily exercise and do chores.

Part of being human is our choices and our freedom to make them whether that freedom is given to us by human law, God or Mother Nature.  It being a fact that all of us human beings make mistakes when we make these choices, I can not see any justification for the denial of medical treatment, surgery, or anything to help another human being.  That is just barbaric and should never be allowed to occur in any society.

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