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Should Scientists Allowed Divert Hurricane Major City Dooming Rural – No

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"Should Scientists Allowed Divert Hurricane Major City Dooming Rural - No"
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Should scientists be allowed to divert a hurricane away from a major city, dooming rural residents?

The question is really should anyone be able to ultimately play God or Mother Nature by changing a weather pattern and possibly adding more disastrous particles into the atmosphere plus man-made catastrophes.

One possibility to diverting a hurricane is by introducing dust' particles into the hurricane with the assumption that it will change the temperature; the sun would heat up the dark particles. With that being said, what becomes of the particles? How many tons of dust' will it take? This experiment was conducted in a lab under controlled conditions.
The other theory was again to use dust and Microwave signals sent out from satellites to heat the cloud thus diverting the natural course.

What about this dust', will it fall back to the earth as sludge, causing more damage or deposit in the oceans as silt? Or will it get caught in the atmosphere, and as years go by creating a cloud to block out the sunlight, holding more harmful in rays? To what magnitude would this heating be needed and since they would be aimed downward toward earth what consequences would that have?

Now that the hurricane is diverted, or weakened, what direction will it take? Man has now intervened; it is in our hands now. Would we be able to predict what direction, what magnitude it will affect wherever it goes? Would there be time to warn those in the path of this man-made disaster? Would it become a tropical depression, smaller hurricane, or tornado?

Perhaps the storm would go inland, casing flooding, dams collapsing, farmland and cattle destroyed, who would bear brunt the financial burden, not to mention loss of human life? Would this fine technology be for the world, adding more debris and more uncertainty to the earth?

What of the oceans geography? There are faults, chimneys below the depths just like above. With wave and current patterns changed from natural to un-natural what will that result in? Rogue waves, under-water quakes, plates shifting un-naturally?

If the storms are diverted out to sea, what are the consequences to commercial shipping lanes and the like? People have sea worthy yachts, oil tankers, and cruise ships.

For every action there is a reaction. Before we let the scientist do this let's consider the overall effect on our planet. When you change the course of a river, then rains come, the river will follow its natural course. What good will this knowledge do for us if we destroy our world?

Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, tsunamis are all natural, they are events that have happened and will continue long after our reign is over. Is it worth changing the natural selection of weather patterns for an unknown outcome?

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