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Should Scientists Allowed Divert Hurricane Major City Dooming Rural – No

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"Should Scientists Allowed Divert Hurricane Major City Dooming Rural - No"
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Has Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Ever Worked?

Whenever we mess with Mother Nature, the weather, or any ecological system we pay back to nature what is demanded for our sins. Yet we seem to be toying with a subject that is yet another attempt to do just that.

The natural way of the seasons, weather, all of these phenomena are way beyond man's understanding. No matter how much evidence we gather. No matter how we think we've planned for all occurrences. It doesn't work the way we think we can program it to. Why, because it simply is too much and too big for us to control or change.

I'm questioning if this "hurricane diversion" is even a viable or impending possibility. Is this a moot point debate? Has the sci-fi come anywhere near to the reality? Like robots and A.I.; I have a feeling this may be theoretically possible. But, is it far beyond the parameters of our real ability?

History Lesson:

1. When man got greedy about cultivating the vast prairie in the United States during the early twentieth century; we removed rocks, trees, and water sheds were plowed and disked under. This after the government had allotted land on the prairies for Homesteading in the nineteenth century only to those who would plant a specific amount of trees. When the ways of nature saw what the friendly farmer was doing, she fought back with The Dust Bowl. Finally man learned about terracing, cooperating with nature, and conservation of resources that helped the land retain water and stop erosion.

2) When many of the hills in California were vast forests and man wanted that land to build homes for ever growing populations; Mother fought back again. She sent heavy rains and let the mud slide right down over many of those houses. Man finally learned, but unfortunately is still suffering the consequences.

3) Back to agriculture: Our farmers trying to get the most of their cash crop planted the same fields year after year with that crop. The land forgot to produce. Little by little each year yields dwindled. Soil was becoming barren because the crops they were planting were taking out the nutrients faster than nature could replenish it. Learning their lesson, the highly intelligent farmers, started rotating their crops. Farmers really are intelligent for learning from past mistakes. What is wrong with the rest of the sciences?

4) Massive dams in Japan have been built in regions that were dangerous due to fault lines and steep mountain slopes. Dams were not built sufficiently. Torrential rains came, the mountains on each side let go their streams filling the spillways. Earthquakes weakened the dams. The Dam's burst. Japan became much more intelligent in dam building. They learned from their mistakes.

My point is, why go there? Haven't we messed with the right way of things just a bit too much. We need to stop before we really release the ire of the lady who controls the winds, earth, fire and waters.

Nature is going to do what nature wants to do. This world as with any other planet is directed by that rule. We are allowed to interfere just so much.

When God gave man dominion of this planet, He meant for man to respect it and treat it with the love He created it with.

So, let's keep developing better warning systems, praying, and put up our levies and barriers, but we cannot tell nature what to do. Not any more than we can tell God what to do. We can try. We will lose.

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