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Should Men be Allowed to be Pregnant and Conceive Babies – No

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"Should Men be Allowed to be Pregnant and Conceive Babies - No"
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Did you know that only a women passes on the mitochondria that we all have in our bodies. I'll bet that if a man did go through a pregnancy that the child would turn out someway detached from the world. I think that there is an emotional bond that a women gives to her child while it is in the womb. It makes me wonder if the mitochondria has something to do with that. I am not sure but that is something that comes to mind.

What ever the outcome I think for sure there would be some consequence that would occur either in the child or the Man that is impregnated. More consequence than just how society would react to this. I know that when Man plays God he always looses the game. Time and time again we never learn do we. Why are we even pondering this inevitable cataclysm. There are far too many problems in the world today to be worrying about such nonsense yet you know it is going to occur no matter what anyone says. I'm sure they have already done it. Didn't anyone see the movie "Junior" with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just a joke but I bet they already have.

Just observing the differences between men and women shows that this would cause a problem. Men are not as attuned to there emotions as women are. Women are in touch with something that me as a man cannot comprehend. In opposite a women cannot comprehend what it is that a man is in touch with. With this thought in mind how is a growing baby inside of some created womb inside of a man going to comprehend that. Who knows maybe this kid will turn out to be Satan (a joke) or maybe this kid will never even survive at all.

All in all I am not going to be the one that says this is okay to do. I think it is wrong and the way that we do things now is better. Why cause more problems with the world that already has enough problems to deal with.

As an after thought I would think that this should, like "Junior", only be in a book or a movie. It would make for interesting reading or watching but I don't want to have to hear about this on the news for years and years that is for sure. I mean could you see it. "This is Greta Van Susteren and tonight we take you live to visit the home of Charle Whoever and see how he is coping with his new baby girl." That would drive me nuts. Why did I see this debate. Now it will be right around the corner. First the sickening Presidential Election and now this. Then more movies and books and everything else. LAME.

That it I don't know hom many words this is but I'm outta here.

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