Sex more of a Physical or Mental Thing

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"Sex more of a Physical or Mental Thing"
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Sex is the great bond between people of corresponding energies. When touch means more than any word can; when looking into someone's eyes and seeing uncharted landscapes bounding into the beyond can't compare to anything you've ever seen, that's GREAT sex. The most common misperception on sex is the disregard for interpretation. Our minds play such a larger part in the composition of body language than many believe.

The media portrays the body as a toy, a simple interface used for cold, hard penetration and a form of currency - i.e. free drinks, free dinner, promotions. However, these portrayals are still based on the original foundation: it's fun to have sex! We get so much automatic pleasure from it that we don't have to try very hard to achieve it. It's a quick fix for so many individuals.

So, why, under those circumstances, to many sex addicts also have wondrous things to say about human connection? That's where those on the OTHER side of sex can go overboard as well - placing too much emphasis on it. The form of obsession in sex usually spawns from something lacking in one's life, such as a father figure, mother figure or guiding hand at any point in life. It results, regardless, in an empty numbness which no one can ever understand. I have known a few sex addicts and they tend to be the greatest people when it comes to a plutonic lunch.

What about those who love sex and are healthy? That's unheard of, right? Why is it a voice unheard? It is unheard because those people don't have to shout about it. Those people are content and truly satisfied in the way of bed. The media doesn't have to portray it, because it is self-sustained. I speak, of course, about the people who notice little things about the body, appreciate subtlety AND also appreciate extremes. We all have so many nerve endings (also connected to the nervous system which stems from the brain) that like to be teased, tampered with and, yes, every once in a while, tormented. Fear drives many from "commitment" and "relationships", when all a great relationship really consists of is great sex! The same great communication that occurs during sex, the eye contact, the swaying beauty of the hands, touch, all pertain to the rest of successful communication. That's why most people are happier if they have sex before they move in together.

Sex is a great way to test an energetic connection. If you feel the energy in a public setting, that could be so many things - nervousness, ideals, self-consciousness, but if you follow through with that feeling and afterwards still feel that energy, that person is for you. Sex is the unspoken and eternal voice deep within you, touched upon by another.

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